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  1. This month's broadcast really touched my heart too! I teared up a bit during the brother's comments about Jehovah's love for us despite our circumstances. I really enjoyed the comment he made, "Jehovah sees in you all you WOULD do if all your limiting circumstances were removed". I have such love for our Governing Body and the brothers that lead Jehovah's organization. I can really feel the intense love that they have for us all and it deepens my confidence that the 144,000 will care for us perfectly in the New System.
  2. How about this one? Trump seeks steps from Abbas to promote peace with Israel link
  3. Oh, this could open a whole new can of worms!!! link to Yahoo article
  4. I read the book, "Escape from Camp 14", written by a escaped North Korean. Life is beyond awful there. You cannot even imagine the horrors that they experience. They are brainwashed and terrified.
  5. Wow! The most potent non-nuclear bomb! CNN Report
  6. CNN is reporting that the US DID inform Russia that bombs were going to be dropped prior to doing so,.
  7. Wonder how Russia will respond to this! Pushing and shoving??
  8. Just got back from mailing my letters......the clerk at the post office said that there was another woman there today with letters for Russia.... "What is all this about?" Tee hee, he got a witness about it! And remember....... #dontgetmadwritevlad
  9. oh yes, this is getting good....very, very, good!
  10. We might not necessarily have to "go" anywhere. We may receive instructions to stay at home with the door locked and curtains drawn. The point is to be ready for whatever happens next. You may have to leave your home if mobs are forming and roaming the streets. Who knows what's going to happen next, but it will happen fast. Having a 3-day supply of necessities like it has been suggested by the GB is just makes good sense.....
  11. Just watch and see what happens in the US in November..........I predict major chaos Get those to-go bags ready!
  12. They look like a bunch of kids having a tantrum........