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  1. i was tricked.... i thought Daniel popped for the study edition....
  2. Missile flying over Japan now!

    according to my grandfather..... everything theocratic starts in October.
  3. YOP - DYI Thread

    powder graphite silicone spray Teflon spray if wood... candle wax-- nice for squeaking drawers that are wood slide based.
  4. lol.. doesn't go to the link site again. comes to here. Edit: It does now.
  5. I shop at grocery outlet.... enough there to keep me alive. whole foods has good stuff... but the prices sure are a bummer for low income....
  6. United Nations - Agenda 2030

    that's pretty ambitious for a 12 year goal... would definitely work towards a real effort to get to the cry of peace and security. If they actually do something......
  7. The Idea that the thousand year reign had to start before the 6 thousand year anniversary of Jehovah saying "it is very good" and instituting a "rest day". It was felt the rest day and also including the creative days were 7 thousand years long. Both Adams creation and eve's creation would have to be before those anniversaries Of Jehovah saying it is very good and there was a rest day from Him creating work. Adams 6 thousand year creation can be ascertained but not Eve's. So all the speculations in the organization but not the watchtower made a big deal about 1975. These were all rumors not in print. The watchtower mentioned 1975 but made no strong opinion that meant Armageddon. I'm assuming you understand 6 thousand years + 1 thousand year reign would = 7 thousand years; and then the end of the "rest day". But if Jehovah isn't making it a strict 7 thousand years rest day.... then its all up in the air. sorry... back to the russia court case now...
  8. just wow.... so obvious that the decision is already made before hand.
  9. i want to remember this argument... don't think I've ever seen it before.
  10. let the propaganda storm wreak havoc....
  11. they can bann it.. not like other translation won't work.
  12. you know there is no way to get that date? and it seems the 7 thousand year creative days is off the table now... rest day being 7 thousand years is little up in the air.....? can the rest day be 7 thousand years; and the creative days not be 7 thousand? The only real thing we have is 1914 and Jesus taking possession of the earth in the midst of his enemies. and the 2 over lapping generations would not die out....no?
  13. I think they are talking about how in the greek scriptures the only way they can put Jehovah in the text is recognixing where in the hebrew the quotes are from and so they are putting jehovah back in where those quotes are............ why they aren't there in the first place is a little strange to me... but i'm not a scholer or translator so.... but i understand the logic.... just not why the greek text don't use jehovah's name anywayz?

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