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  1. Is there a way to get jw apps like the library; individual bibles; on android without logging into the google/amazon servers?
  2. regardless. 4 billion traffic is a lot of traffic. The website seems to be well maintained... never really seems to have issues. and how many must be behind the scenes making all the updates to all the languages.....
  3. some think that things won't get "greedy".... that it just makes it like it was pre 2014.... but why bother changing it unless there is some reason. lol sorry but this guy that pushed the change looks dodgy to me. depends on the writer.... some think it won't go anywhere.
  4. the old blood books had non spiritual reasons stated and shared a few points. whoa... ????? why do they want women to take Iron when they get older????.... The old blood books said that someones elses blood actually can't carry oxygen for 24 hours; so that all your really doing is doing a blood expander.... nice find.
  5. New US Tax Code

    Luke 12:13 Then someone in the crowd said to him: “Teacher, tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me.” 14 He said to him: “Man, who appointed me judge or arbitrator between you two?” 15 Then he said to them: “Keep your eyes open and guard against every sort of greed,*+ because even when a person has an abundance, his life does not result from the things he possesses.”+ 16 With that he told them an illustration, saying: “The land of a rich man produced well. 17 So he began reasoning within himself, ‘What should I do now that I have nowhere to gather my crops?’ 18 Then he said, ‘I will do this:+ I will tear down my storehouses and build bigger ones, and there I will gather all my grain and all my goods, 19 and I will say to myself:* “You* have many good things stored up for many years; take it easy, eat, drink, enjoy yourself.”’ 20 But God said to him, ‘Unreasonable one, this night they are demanding your life* from you. Who, then, is to have the things you stored up?’+ 21 So it goes with the man who stores up treasure for himself but is not rich toward God.”+
  6. New US Tax Code

    I'm waiting for it to be a crime to be poor and they start putting people to death for not having a job that's not available..... sorry.. that's pretty dark. but i have no clue how this world justifies how they treat people.. greedy satanic spirit... Jesus parable about the man that wanted bigger store houses for stuff and the people want to kill him cause they need food is relevant. can't wait for community shared resources and having an assignment to work and serve somewhere.(in the kingdom of course)
  7. Just needs to be good enough to study the meetings with... the bad part is its touch screen.. not sure it can run a mouse....i can fix a desktop computer but I've not messed with touch screen OS's much. lol
  8. Seems like a real nice deal.... do all the apps(jw.org) work on it? Needs to be easy to work with for a 85 year old grandfather.
  9. pretty scary actually.... I doubt the head....if successful.... would lose its aging process... and you would have to take a bunch of anti rejection meds for the rest of your life; which seems to make you vulnerable for many other sicknesses.
  10. They think your brain is the central part of a person; but if you meditate on how the scriptures refer to other organs as being part of who we are: heart;kidneys;liver;intestines.... etc etc... that person is gonna me an emotional mess... His head will think one way and his heart and guts will be a different person.
  11. they are nuts.... the person will probly be nutz after..... if he survives... they want to do it before the end of the year.... last I read they said it would take 150 doctors....
  12. You can reverse it somewhat; but you have to manage it from coming back. I was pre diabetic when i was 37 and weighed 247 pounds. I switched my diet and slowly went vegan for 7 years. lost 80 pounds and kept it off. I weigh how much i wieghed in highschool. even less. I've not been to a doctor in 10 years.... so officially i don't know what my A1C would test at.... but it seems I'm still doing pretty good keeping diabetes not developing. I probly hurt myself more by being less active. cliff notes how i changed? 1) no dairy ( if you cheat..... atleast go thru fasting time periods to get it out of your system for several weeks. 2) no processed foods 3) quit eating deserts 4) started eating big giants vats of water bound soups with lots of vegetables. 5) eat mushrooms to help with meat cravings 6) read ingredients to every single item you pic up at the store; get to know what not to buy. 7) no GMO foods 8) no processed Isolate proteins(usually soy) 9) no hidden MSG foods--- research it. 10) no processed fructose/ corn syrups/ "sugar"... needs to be cane(evaporated cane preferred). 11) meat to 5% of diet.... try to get meat thats humanly treated and fed real food. 12) eat nothing from the pacific ocean.... if you like sea food. 13) no soda's--- unless its organic and not a highly processed sugar... the Kombucha's are good. recently I've gotten a little more strict with my oil use and rarely cook with it now. I only use coconut oil here and there. I try to drink lots of filtered clean water with no flourides and chlorines. I buy cheap pinapple in cans Dole circle rounds.... drain the juice. Its not fresh but it still has value. Infact i was eating like 3 to 5 cans a day for a couple weeks and lost several more pounds and allowed me to fit into pants i couldn't previosly just this year. lol so if you want to lose weight.... pinapple water diet. I was vegan for 7 years. but now i cheat with diary(cheese/yogurt).... but organic brands... there's some from denmark and over seas that seem good; Sierra Nevada from California is nice too. But its good to fast from it for week or more to not have it 24/7 in your system. I also cheat with eggs to make pancakes with. I make buckwheat flour pancakes that are good. anywayz.... changing diet is pretty tough.... diary was the easiest to get rid of cravings for.... man i loved my tortia's and cheese... sugar was the next one.... I won't lie..... meat was the hardest to get rid of.... took actually like 5 years.... but now i can let others pressure me to eat it now and again but i don't crave it. It takes time to change you system to not crave acid based foods.... not sure why.. but fresh fruits and vegies as much as possible... don't need to be 100% vegan... just eat more of them. forgot to mention.... whole grain breads.... sprouted grain breads are the best.... and probiotic foods........ safeway has this real good salt brine sauerkraut. Kimchi/ home made pickles....
  13. low fat diet. (nothing refined(oils)--- and try to eat less animal products(especially dairy for a spell- if you use diary really try to use the "organic" brands.) high enzyme diet-- fresh fruit and vegetables It may not "cure" but it certainly reduces the need for "medications". I took care of my 90 year old grandmother for three years taking he blood 2 to 4 times a day. she had to take pills and shots. Taking her down to a vegetarian diet(which is not vegan); and managing her "meds" helped her A1C down from 11.9 to 6.9. She had many TIA's when she lived alone do to bad management; the three years i was with her she had no TIA's. So.... diet truly helps... Owe... she was prescribed 40 units of lantus and i got her down to 2to 4 units as spot treatment sugar high readings after meals. If you have a hard time with diet changes.... fasting 1 to 2 days a week can help.... but it gets tricky with doing meds... obviously you would need to time your meds..... or only eat high water content fruit for a day or 2..
  14. diet diet diet..... 5% animals.... rest plants..... doesn't have to be all raw...but a decent portion raw is good.


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