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  1. love is as strong as death is. he is rightly going to miss her-- should not be shamed for it. he can also continue his love as she is in Jehovah's memory and will be back.
  2. its good if you only need part time work....unless your a proffessional and just getting out of college i think....
  3. interesting quote from that article with the forum comments... I have a better idea. How about we delete the Vatican and radical Islam. Reply Share Yes and throw the rest in there as well. No more fairy tales. Time for humanity to move on. Reply Share
  4. seems its a storage issue.... you have micro storage card available to use.... maby try to get your data off the hard drive and create more space. also research if the memory expansion micro card can have programs installed on it. reinstall some programs on your memory expansion. https://www.pcworld.com/article/2360120/how-to-maximize-storage-space-on-your-windows-tablet.html try that
  5. its not actually a theory.. its a hypothesis... theory's advance from hypothesis to theory by evidence proving it; non of which has happened.
  6. i knew an elder that did this when i first came into the truth before baptism.... I knew it was wrong for him to do..... Jesus said if you call someone a dispicable fool or in other words judge them... that you become liable to Gehenna.... so its very serious how we use our tongues or fingers.... Romans 11:25-33 also says Jehovah will let some be disobediant for a time even though he plans to give them mercy later....... think about that for a few days and tell me that doesn't adjust attitudes.... some are so willing to judge after 1 offense of some kind real or imagined.... not very christian..... not very christian at all.... But Jesus said some will kill you and imagine they are doing Gods will....
  7. Lots will change. Our current way of worship no doubt will adjust.... as we should get more clarity of things after this system and the kingdom "arrives" The very knowledge of Jehovah will arrive and be plentiful. And a scripture prophecy says a "torrent of pleasure" will arrive as we adjust to holy living with all the blessed quailities of love goodness kindness loyalty...etc etc... The inheritance of sinning will gradually be gone.... imagine a completely joyful heart with no stricken spirit from being a sinner..... and the amazing spiritual joys of appreciating others unselfishly with their spiritual blessing they recieve from Jehvah. and the amazing things of the blessed condition of having perfect submission to Jehovah's holy spirit...
  8. https://www.jw.org/en/online-help/watchtower-library/install-watchtower-library/ ISO software? also try installing "running as administrator" right click and look for this phrase also try "compatibility" mode windows 7 or 8.....
  9. always saying interesting words....lol
  10. job was "oriental" as east; he lived in midian. not to far east. he was not.not "asian"
  11. that seems like its not just weakness but a purposeful practice to me.
  12. frig? spong bath? shoulder strap for motion ride... money tree for not having to work...

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