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  1. not much left in prophecy but the GT........ the world is dieing...... let it die.
  2. 317 GB file for a back up is rather large for a simple boot up install. there has to be a bunch of data files like music/video/pictures or something. Its not a Cab file which is usually files you would keep for windows. so copy it to external storage and delete..... look thru it for your data. scan it with a virus program and malware program first. if your adventurerous you could buy a new hard drive like an SSD 250 to 500 GB and just swap it out and install a new install of windows. 8D then use that one for storage and data. 8D
  3. I would suggest few things to look for spec wise: business machine- they are built tougher and parts are around longer. 2 hard drive slots- one for SSD boot drive 250 to 500 GB and a storage drive. 16 GB memory now a days. both AMD and Intel are good now; so don't shy from AMD if its ryzen family processor; if you don't need graphics card do an AMD ryzen "APU" if your buying new then go with 8 thread CPU's and up to future proof your system If your on a budget: and its older stuff: go Intel 8GB memory atleast 4 thread processor still do an SSD---- if only one hardrive slot then 250GB space and use external storage. still find a Business machine. for sure. as much as i like windows 7...... if its a new machine your probly best to go with windows 10.... if older just know windows 7 is getting phased out.
  4. interesting....religions thinking they may get peace?
  5. shame they stopped making computer chips. Theirs were better then IBM architecture.
  6. One tough pill is a ":brother " who acts like a worldy evil person(not going into details) and secularly divorces his wife and then never gives his wife immoral grounds for not being "bound".so she can remarry.... Sure Jehovah will not treat such person well....
  7. try to uninstall drivers and reapply any latest newest drivers. audio drivers network card drivers intel has a utility tool that you can download and install and intel drivers it will do automaticly. your website has the latest ones for your rig....assuming desktop. other then that hardware issues 1) try a different headset see if it does same thing. 2) could be the plug in ports being loose in some way. all i got for ya. I'm assuming PC by the way....
  8. could be cerificates out of date. look up how to redo the lease for the network connection and reset it. also the certificate. look up your commuters date.... if its older and it reset to some odd ball computer date your CMOS battery is failing. look for an upgrade to your NIC card driver on your computers website. Try to uninstall and reinstall the network drive. If it keeps uninstalling the nic card is failing. all i got for ya. there is a trouble shooter that automaticllly looks for things to reset and fix automaticlly for you.
  9. hope it is soon. gonna be homeless.
  10. i just figure my breath smells.... and turtles don't like striped cats....
  11. personally i call evolution teaching a hypothesis. theory's are upgraded hypothesis when they get proof.
  12. Is there a way to get jw apps like the library; individual bibles; on android without logging into the google/amazon servers?
  13. regardless. 4 billion traffic is a lot of traffic. The website seems to be well maintained... never really seems to have issues. and how many must be behind the scenes making all the updates to all the languages.....

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