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  1. in the Netherlands dutch version 1705 english version 1706 unfortunately not the 2018 research guide hopefully in the next update
  2. For me the great advance studying with the Watchtower Library—On DVD is the option copy with caption. I have a database of personal research in the evernoteapp so when I look up older notes on a verse I know the source of the research.
  3. I also noticed that we only study one chapter from the book Jesus the way truth and life. When we studied the greatest man book we did 3 chapters in one hour now only one in 30 min so there is more time voor reading scriptures and comments
  4. Beginning in January 2018, the midweek meeting will include study notes and media from the online study edition of the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (nwtsty), even if the study edition is not yet available in your language. No doubt this information will enrich your meeting preparation. More important, may it draw you ever closer to our loving Father, Jehovah! december workbook
  5. MCTDonna

    Cars in the NS?

    This week digging for spiritual gems has a nice comment : Wt 89 But what of all the war equipment that the nations will leave behind? In view of the symbolic indication of the length of time it will take to dispose of the combustible parts of them, the quantity will be enormous. (Ezekiel 39:8-10) Armageddon survivors may be able to adapt the materials of any remaining war relics of the nations to useful purposes.—Isaiah 2:2-4. If their is a possibility that we use whats left of all war equipment in mine opinion cars will be also something we will use in NS
  6. MCTDonna

    Witness memes

    this was mentioned in the annual meeting from 2014 in the talk about 100 year kingdom-rule
  7. the android update has search feature did not see that before good feature for finding your notes if you have a lot a them
  8. the jw libraryapp on my laptop gives the possibility to search your notes with is a great option hoping android and other platforms will follow
  9. I was trying to show a screenshot but it didn't work
  10. I was testing the window version and foud out it has a searchfunction so hopefully other system will have this option in the future as well

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