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  1. Are we still expecting the study bible on jwlibrary before the end of the year? Will it just be added like the new research guide or will it require an update to the app? Thanks for any insight, jon
  2. Hey friend,

    Is there a way to remain logged in on iPad or iPhone?

    My desktop(windows) would remain logged in. (Unfortunately it has a bad hard drive)

    My mobile devices have to be logged in constantly.

    If I switch pages (to another site) I get logged out....please help me to understand how to fix this.



    1. Dismal_Bliss


      Hmmm. I don't know what the problem could be as I am an Android user, not an Apple user. However, JWTalk saves a "cookie" to your browser and then reads it again when you return, and logs you back in automatically. Whatever browser you are using on your Apple devices (Safari?) might be set to delete all cookies when you close the app. I would check your settings.

  3. can i be added to the send to list? jon
  4. New update this morning, support for apple pencil on ipad pro 8.2.2
  5. Version 3.5.4 was released tonight. It enables broadcasting. Jon
  6. A new version / update has been released with our new Christian life workbook.

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