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    Raised in the truth since i was 3, then one day, I finally started listening and learning, and eventually but slowly made the truth my own

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    From everything to nothing. From cooking , to chess, to computers, to star gazing, to doing nothing at all and enjoying some quiet alone time.
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    Besides the Bible, Sci-fi , I've managed to enjoy Iisaac Asimov Foundation series. Books in a series are enjoyable to read days on end.
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    Still discovering new music to pick a fav, but currently like music from Frank Mills Music Box Dancer to Techno to Swing to Abba to Demi Lovato tp Parodies. I love the Female Voice.
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    Something with a good story line, or something involving human struggle that's going to touch my heart. Marx Brothers A Night at the Opera, Proof, Gimme Shelter, A Beautiful Mind. Sci-fi
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    Star Trek Mr. Scott "laddie, don't you think you should rephrase that?"

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  1. Well hang on a sec, I'm only a hypochondriac when i just know im going to get sick. The rest of the time im just trying to fix what might be wrong with me. And any time left remaining , well, i might be dying then. Yeah i know....1000 comedians are out of work and I'm trying to be funny.
  2. Prayers needed for Brother Dave Bennet and his Wife Doris. I just visited Dave in the hospital. He has Leukemia. His hemoglobin dropped to about 40-50 . Dr's give him 6 month to a year maybe. With a new medication, he may have 2 yrs.   Thank you friends.

    1. GrumpysWife


      We need the Kingdom so bad...this system stinks!

  3. Does everyone have a favourite colour? Truth be told. I don't have a favourite colour!!!!. (there, I said it. now the world knows) Since childhood I said my fav was red but in reality I could never decide on a fav colour. I only picked red because of the hockey team - the Redwings. it was the only word I could associate a colour with at the time. I like most all colours and still undecided as to one favourite. Same with food. I can't just pick one favourite.
  4. Vinnie

    Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    Here is a song that came out in 1969 about earthquakes in west coast. I heard it on a parody radio station called Dr. Demento many many years ago. I'm surprised I found it so easily.
  5. Vinnie

    Aurora Over Norway

    I've only experienced the northern lights effects and the gentle crackle that comes with it , once on the drive out west to BC. But never this vivid. It's amazingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I love the glow on the water too. Totally awesome.
  6. Wait...what? uhhh….ok.....wow....cool ….interesting. huh, why didn't I know this already? I've always wondered why there some who opt for green being primary and others say yellow is primary. Now this makes more sense to me in the light spectrum where white is the presence of all colours and black is the absence of all colours ….well sort of I guess.
  7. Ok. Seeing how this is supposed to be just for fun... I think for colors they forgot the 20 shades of white for women. Where's the 10 pages of honey do lists? How about laundry? Men sort one or maybe 2 piles. Women sort into 10 piles Can women watch a movie with out talking about it? Just asking... Men have one wallet. Women have one wallet and 10 purses to carry. It.. For my own protection, ima stop here.
  8. Vinnie

    The Makings of an Ape Man

    Nice to know the real truth discovered.
  9. I grew up afraid of my father. He disciplined us very harshly like his father did to him. It took me a while to learn to love Jehovah and get close to him. I meditated and pondered on what Jehovah has done for me. I put myself in his shoes and thought, if I were to create life, what would i do to show my creation i cared for them? Then I look around in the world that was created for me and see what I like, love and enjoy. I look at a tree. I meditate on this thought. The same one who made this tree, made me. I came across a flowering tree and was wowed at how fragrant and pretty it looked with its white/pink flowers. Jehovah made that tree for me and i was wowed and moved to say Thank you Jehovah. The more things I find in the world that I like and appeal to me, the more I'm moved to thank him and appreciate all he has made just for me. It takes time and effort to stop and smell the roses but its worth it. Every food that I find enjoyable, Jehovah went out of his way to make it for me to discover, test and enjoy. Every music song that makes me smile and tap my foot would not be possible unless Jehovah created so many things for it all to happen so I can enjoy music. The more I think about it, and find all these wonderful things the closer I am drawn to Jehovah. 1 John 4:19 We love, because he first loved us. One way to learn to love Jehovah, and yes we must learn to love, it doesnt come automatically, is to discover all the things he did for us that shows he loves us.
  10. Vinnie

    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    Ive successfully made light n fluffy chocolate cake in a frying pan. Cut a round piece of parchement paper for a top and bottom and treat it like a small pancake. Heat has to be rather low so you dont burn it. 3 or less. and cover the pan to keep heat sealed in. Takes practice but its doable.
  11. Vinnie


    Ok, I read this thread yesterday and you peaked my curiosity. I checked out a few utube vids and its good for folks like me who are lactose intolerant and its a good way to build up my good gut bacteria. I always wondered why I was attracted to vinegar on my fries or pickles and olives. They all go through similar fermenting process that's good for me. Today I went out and found some raw beet and cabbage sauerkraut and some Korean Kimchi in health food section and figured lets try it, even if its just once. Ok, wow. this stuff is good. A little pricy because its pre made and comes from California from Wildbrine.com but I'm very impressed. I live in a rather constantly hot apartment so im not sure if I will try to make my own. Utube vid also mentioned - this was the way food was preserved before refrigerators came around and because of preservatives , peoples health isn't what it used to be. Thanks Cheryl for posting this topic.
  12. In a sense, here on Jwtalk, we have all come into a relationship with one another like one big happy family. The truth ties us together in bonds of love. But like family, I think it's easy to be critical and yet done out of love. Here on the forum, it's a challenge to learn and accept each other for who they are and for what and how they say things. We all have different perspectives and points of view because we are from the four corners of the world. I have flaws. My flaws have flaws. I sometimes see things from the wrong side of the telescope. It's a struggle for me with friendships and relationships. I think, in a good way, that being here on Jwtalk can be a great opportunity for me to get to know and understand my spiritual family better, to become a better people person. I'd like to say hello again and thank you to everyone of my brothers and sisters. your all wonderful.
  13. But Sometimes a rock is just a rock and maybe, just maybe, some of its shadows look just like toast. I
  14. Brrrr. Its that time of year again. For me, winter is here even though Autumn isnt finished. Lots of colourful leaves on the trees still. Today it's -2C thats about 28F. Makes we wanna join the bears and hibernate.  Can you wake me up in the spring?  

    1. Sheep


      It's about like that here too. In Montreal we have two seasons: Winter and July!


      Alright, I'll wake you up when it's... Hey! We don't have spring here! All right, I'll just have take a wild guess and wake you up whenever it feels like it. :poke:

  15. Its the thought that counts. Right?? How is it on cloudy days? Will i still be covered by insurance if a moon falls on my house or car? So much for star gazing. Too much light pollution.

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