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  1. Vinnie

    Making Pizza

    Ah pizza, the best open faced sandwich around.
  2. Behind every successful man is a great woman. He should not expect her to just know things automatically and visa versa. Neither of them are mind readers, so communicate communicate communicate. Families that pray together , stay together. Praying together is not a one sided job where the man just takes the lead. Praying separately for the same thing isn't the same as praying together for the same thing. She can encourage him to pray together at any and all times. It's such a loving thing to do.
  3. Regarding sending letters through the FSIN-letter system, has anyone tried it and been successful with it?
  4. Yes it's disgusting ,but in a sense, these things must take place just as Jesus suffered and told of the things that he must go through for the fulfillment of the Kingdom. Regardless of what man does, Jehovah will undo it all. Regarding the KOTN, Daniel 11:44 says - But reports out of the east and out of the north will disturb him, and he will go out in a great rage to annihilate and to devote many to destruction. If Russia is the KOTN, then it's time to poke the bear, lol. Does this mean many of our brothers will face death at the hands of the KOTN ? How will we feel then for our brothers? No doubt great sadness. Will it look like Jehovah is abandoning his people when this happens? Real tests of our faith await us no doubt. Stay strong friends.
  5. I wondered if that was a possibility, Maybe this is another play of Satans coordinated attacks to keep rest of world from giving our brothers in Russia support. We need a work around then.
  6. same message with different card. and both cards are listed as accepted by their website
  7. I sent mine with Jehovah's name in the first paragraph but the website to pay says my credit card is declined and when I talk to my credit card company, they don't see any attempt for payment. It's getting frustrating. Any suggestions?
  8. The way I see it, If Russia is still the King of the North, and he will receive reports that anger him from the rising of the sun(Jehovah) then to me it is proof that nothing will stop Jehovah's name being proclaimed throughout Russia. I can see that Jehovah already has things set in motion.
  9. I notice that in the JW Library App for Windows, there are 3 version of Russian bible translation. Which one is best to use?
  10. Issue is that I don't know a pen stroke of Russian and am relying on google translate to assist me with a Russian letter or sorts.
  11. I finally found where to send letters to brothers in prison using the FSIN letter system. I am not 100% sure of where to put all the names. In Canada we call it , first name, last name and middle name or they just ask for middle initial. Beneficiary's last name: Фамилия получателя: Matrashov Receiver name: Имя получателя: Konstantin Patronymic of the recipient: Отчество получателя: ???? I only found information for Konstantin.
  12. Sister Victoria, do you happen to have Microsoft Word? I put together a letter and used google translate, but It would be nice to have it checked first, as you say, for easy to understand.
  13. I used google translator. sometimes I wonder if it used the correct flavor of the word. Я использовал переводчик Google. Иногда я задаюсь вопросом, использовал ли он правильный аромат этого слова.

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