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    Raised in the truth since i was 3

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    I like a little of almost everything
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    1.Original journey to the center of the earth. 2. Proof. 3.A beautiful mind. 4.Gimme Shelter. Marx Brothers: Night at the Opera. Before I fall.
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    "laddie, don't you think you should rephrase that?"

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  1. My 76 year old mother loves her ipad but I just have to laugh when she forgets the techie terms. The other day she called her ipad, an i-patch and skype -sky pie.

    1. NW2018


      And just the other day our 5 year old grandson noted the new mouse I had set aside in a drawer by the computer for when the old mouse "dies"... He said "Oma!  I like your red hamster" ... "Hamster?"  I questioned from the kitchen ... He promptly and proudly presented the packaged mouse.  "Oh honey" I said - "that is a mouse" - he replied quite confidently " no!... a mouse is a real animal."  Supposedly a hamster isn't. 


      Ahh yes... I-patches - sky pies and hamsters :D

    2. Loje


      My 91 year old mom just got Internet and an Ipad - she calls her "modem" her "modular" connection - LOL


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