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  1. How are you brother? :D

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    2. rlyem


      I can see you can outlive your days just like my uncle who had a brain cancer and refused to transfuse blood but outlived his doctors. Now he serve as a regular pioneer but also vegetarian :)

    3. booboo


      Much Christian love my brother. My heart breaks for your situation.  But if you must leave us for a while, your endurance and Christ like love will remain with all you have touched.  So many to include in our prayers your family will be included.  You have been a shining example that Love covers all things. (Prov. 10:12b)



    4. hatcheckgirl


      My dearest brother Kim, so glad you have this pause to get more out of your time with your family.  May Jehovah keep you always brave and solid in your hope.  So sad now, but how sure the hope of resurrection is to you and your dear ones.


      Jehovah values you and cares for you as a faithful servant, and as the study notes for Luke 21:18 says  "Therefore, Jesus’ disciples do not expect to be miraculously delivered from abuse or even death. But they can be confident in Jehovah’s power to resurrect them from the dead."  Without Jehovah and the hope we have, it would be unimaginable. But we know it will be bearable because of his love for you. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Tis our hope to meet up in Paradise, soon ❤️


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