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    My mother introduced me to the truth. She never forced it on me. Made the truth my own when my uncle challenged me with the validity of the truth as he believes in the typical false religious beliefs.

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    Family. Outdoor life. Backpacking, camping. My career.
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    'Teaching on the inside'. An instructors guide to teaching in a correctional facility and the NWT of the holy scriptures.
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    Whatever has a lot of guitar and drums.
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    Bipolar life is like a roller coaster. A low always follows a high, but the view from the top is amazing.

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  1. Run the lawnmower over the pile. 😂
  2. Last year’s calf. Gonna be sporting spikes or forks on his head this summer!
  3. Michael


    I assume you mean guilt by association? Lol! I haven’t really laughed that much...
  4. Michael


    I’m assuming you’re that ‘certain sister ‘...???
  5. Michael


    It depends. How far do you want to go?
  6. Michael

    Witness memes

    Of course not! It’s when they slammed the door shut with the extension cord under it and broke the insulation resulting in an electrical fire.
  7. Goes down greasy comes out easy...
  8. Michael


    I’ll see the 500 and raise to 700.
  9. Michael


    Or...do you have an injury that might hinder it?
  10. Michael


    Manufacturers have bows for everybody including small kids and women. I have a 6 year old that uses a 20# pull weight.
  11. Michael


    It is soooo much fun. If you like hand/eye coordination, focus and symmetry, it’s very enjoyable. Good exercise too! Excellent physical and mental exercise.

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