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I just discovered a new feature available to me.  My eyesight is not the best and I usually use the "invert colors" setting (under accessibility tab).  When using this setting, the text is displayed as whitle letters on an all black background.  this works for me since it reduces the back-light glare. The downside to this setting is that all of the beautiful pictures in the literature are displayed as a form of "negative" photograph.  To see the image, I have to turn the inversion off for a moment.  It is not to hard to do so I live with it.


I updated the OS software yesterday evening.  When I was at the Watchtower study today, I opened the magazine to the article and the picture appeared normal.  I thought I had forgotten to "invert" but it was white on black.  I was amazed.  the update allows me to see the images in "normal" mode while the text is reversed.  What a great day for me.  I hope anyone who uses this feature finds it delightful when they upgrade their Apple devices to the 11.3 version.

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Oh, hey! You’re right. Nice!

Hated how all the photos inverted, too. But, like you said, not anymore.

I use Smart Invert feature at the Hall when we are accessing the iPad during a video presentation. We have a projector, so the lights are off. But, I don’t like the glare from the iPad in the dark, so switch to Smart Invert.


Seems a little unpredictable at times. If I’m in the JWL Publications tab, switch to Smart Invert, everything is inverted, even the thumbnails, like Margaret mentioned. If I switch to a WT article in the Meetings tab, the photos in the article remain inverted. If I switch to another app, then back, the photos change to normal. Interesting.


Adding the Smart Invert Colors to the Accessibility Shortcut is helpful.

On iOS, go to Settings/General/Accessibly/Accessibility Shortcut and turn on Smart Invert Colors, and it will be added to the “triple-click the Home button” list.

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