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Detroit files for chapter 9

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Poor Detroit.  My father was born there, and it used to be a great place, but as Glenn says, it's been going down hill for at least the last 50 years.  So many vacant lots where there used to be beautiful homes.  Forty percent of the street lights are out.  Police have been laid off.  You can actually see wildlife (e.g., pheasants) roaming through what used to be neighbourhoods.




Hudson's used to be a beautiful department store, but it was demolished in 1998.  Beautiful theatres have been turned into parking lots.<sigh>  Click on 'Detour' to start the tour of downtown Detroit...



Live long and prosper. 🖖🏻

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Another city bites the dust!  I agree, Detroit has lots of outstanding old homes, I really like the older homes.  Some person on a news site took pictures of the city, and outskirts, the homes were beautiful but all falling down.  Some neighborhoods totally disappeared, and your right, and wild animlas have been lurking in these neighborhoods.  To me, these are fulfilling times of the scriptures, dealing with the last days and heading into the Great Triublation.  When cities fail, jobs are lost, people's lives are tussed into oblivion, crime increases and there is no one to protect and to serve.  This is why now Jehovah is teaching us to rely on him more and more, and listen to our elders, and have intense love for one another.  With gasoline shooting through the roof, food prices, property taxes, health insurance, medicare, medicad, you name it, this system is going CA POOK!    When you friends find these stories and post them on here, and when I come across them, it builds up my faith in Jehovah, because we are getting closer and closer to the end of this wicked chapter of the Devil's works and rulership. 

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http://www.detroitye...town/index.html   Jules, I really enjoyed going through this site.   Its a terrible shame to have seen so many BEAUTIFUL homes, and buildings gone to waste and decay.   I love old theaters, and one of them reminded me of the Stanley in New Jersey.  And another picture showed this one building where Henry Ford first made his first car, and the interior with the stucco ceilings, paintings...wow, it was beautiful, I saw it as a parking garage and the walls paint was falling off.  Thank you for posting this, it was a thrill to go through and see what Old Detroit once looked like in its heyday!  I hate the new stadium their building or built, I loved the Tiger Stadium better!  It was a REAL baseball field! 

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10 Problems Facing Detroit 10 Biggest Dilemmas Detroit Has to Face
1. The city's unfunded liabilities top $18 billion.
2. The city owes money to over 100,000 creditors.
3. Nearly 80,000 buildings have been abandoned and many are unsecured.
4. Population of Detroit has fallen from 1.86 million in 1950 to 700,000 today.
5. Some 47 percent of properties are delinquent in paying their taxes.
6. Police take an average of 58 minutes to respond to calls.
7. Only 8.7 percent of violent crimes are solved and Detroit has the highest crime rate in US of large cities.
8. Manufacturing jobs in the city have slid from a peak of 200,000 to just 20,000 today.
9. Only 7 percent of the city's eighth graders are proficient in reading.

10. The city manager says its retirement system is underfunded by $3.5 billion.

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