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100 Degrees and Over

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They had a alert posted on the news (local news) about cars overheating when the temperature is over 100 degrees outside, but under your vehicle's hood, its like 140 to 180 degrees!   The news reported that the batteries can melt, because we are running our air conditioner at full blast, and some people leave their keys in the car, running the air conditioner, and forget to take the keys with them, therefore locking themselves out.   Here is a small solution and or a suggestion.  Here in Maryland, the temp's all week long have been 100 or more degrees.  When I had to go out, and I knew I had to put on my air conditioner, I popped open my hood.  I have the kind of hood that when pop it, it does not come up and block  my view out the front window.  I noticed that my car ran pretty good, and it didn't catch on fire!   So when I get to whatever destination I was heading for, and I park the car, I stop and shut the hood.  No sense leaving open, to let some one take your battery, or cut one of your lines!   But when am driving again, I pop it.  This is just a suggestion for those who can do this if they so desire. Please note, that some vehicles you just  can't do this.


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Here in the Sunshine State it is regularly quite hot ... being 100+ is just something we know will happen during the summer.


Many of the police that have dogs will often let their cars run while the dog stays there and they are away from the car. I often see their cars with the hood ajar as you describe.


That said, there are many people who leave their cars running when the weather is so hot. I have seen this for many, many years .... yet, there has not been any rash of cars with "melted" batteries or car fires happening in parked cars.

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It has been really hot here, and my swimming pool is broke. It is hard for me cause I can't go out in the sun or I get sick. Our pool has a roof over it so I can go out there on the patio, but it's no fun without the pool. Grumpy says its on his list. I hope he bumps it up to the top.

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100 degrees and over :lol1:

I laughed all week listening to CNN about this. That is normal every day weather for 3 months here in Vegas. Call me when it s over 115 degrees then we can talk HEAT wave.

To those of you who say - yeah but its "dry" heat. Try this, turn your oven on to bake at 115 then stick your head in there for 10 minutes and tell me again about "dry" heat :lol1:

Stay cool!

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