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Ebay Ideas :

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I know most of us are on a tight budget so I've been trying to sell things on eBay and amidst a lot of research I've found several sites to be helpful along the way ^_^


So I thought I would share them for any fellow ebayers or those who might be thinking about giving it a go.


http://www.newlifeauctions.com/calc.html - This site shows how much you'll make after final Ebay fees, Paypal fees and shipping costs.

(Don't forget the cost of packaging supplies like tape, bubble mailers or envelopes, etc. - I usually add that in with the item cost - for my own records - to figure out how much I'll really be making after I sell an item.)


http://labs.ebay.com/erl/demoto/to? - This shows you the best words to include in your listing's Title - what keywords people use when looking for items like yours.


http://idiotsguides.com/static/quickguides/businesspersonalfinance/the-best-times-and-duration-for-your-ebay-auction.html - This site shows what some people have found to be the best times & days to list items on ebay & also remember - most people who buy off eBay live in Pacific time zones.


http://stores.ebay.com/Cozy-Corner-Collectibles - This is my store "Cozy Corner Collectibles" to give you an idea on formatting, description, etc. - If you're interested in the background let me know and I'll find the link for the free website for you, ^_^


I will only have my store until Dec. 1st. I;ve decided this because eBay is changing their taxes policy in regards to actual Ebay store owners - I don't know if they've passed it but if the new laws go into affect - anyone who has an Ebay store and makes a certain amount will have to pay taxes in both their state and the state the person resides in who bought it. ^_^ I'll use it till then and after that I go back to regular ebay selling without a store. lol

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Tightening the budget so no more Ebay store - just listing my items in the regular fashion. Lol ^_^


Here are a couple more sites benefical to fellow eBay sellers :


* Free ebay listing templates : https://www.freeauctiondesigns.com/


* Ebay store subscriptions and fees if you choose to open a store : http://pages.ebay.com/storefronts/subscriptions.html

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