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I hope I am putting this subject in the right place. I Like the new changes, It will take me some time to figure out.


I am able to print up the weekly WSM. But I try to download from my Samsung Note to Mantano Reader & since October having been able to, & can't do a preview. I have deleted a lot of files of Adobe reader, & I was empting some of the no longer needed files from mantano reader & accidentally cleared everything out.

so this reader is completely empty. I tried again last night. I have tried resending to another gmail i have attachted to the Note,

But still can't download or upload.

I know the files that are sent can be opened on my laptop. 

I appreciate any help,


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I think you have it in the correct place.


I am not sure I understand your question - is it:


1. How to print? OR


2. Is it how to download? OR


3. Something different than even that?


If it is just about how to open - might I suggest uninstalling Mantano reader (as maybe you deleted something you shouldn't have) and re-installing it through the Google Play store.

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I will try that Jerry.

Every week I am sent the WSM> for the meetings. I used to be able to load it onto my Samsung, I get the emails. for it fine. but can download the files. keeps saying error. can't open file. I know its my end not the other end,
I might need to upgrade next yr to a tablet. Its  frustrating  I cant figure out why they aren't opening,

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Try saving the WSM file to somewhere that you will be able to locate it and open it in a PDF reader, like "EZPDF reader" Mantano is an epub reader and does not handle the links well in the WSM files. At least in my experience. I use EZPDF for the WSM files on my tablet and it works fine. 

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Hey Musky - doesn't Meekspace have an app that syncs a folder with the latest WSM files?

OR was that just a beta thing?

It's not meekspace's app. It's called 'foldersync' and it works to sync any remote folders with local folders and vice versa. You can use it with Dropbox, Box. Net, or any online folder you want.

I have it set up to dump the pictures on my phone to a folder on my laptop daily.. Besides having it sync the online WSM folder with all of my devices.

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I believe your talking about WSM Free and WSM Pro

I thought Gabe was already using that app and that was what she was asking about. That's why I thought Jerry meany FolderSync. My bad :)


Here they are for Android:


WSM Free





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