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Downton Abbey

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The cast was here in the Untied States last week. They said that season 4 aired in the UK in September.They can't compete with US TV in the Fall, so   we are getting it here in the States this January 2014. They said it would be a season 5 next year, so I guess it will air in the US January 2015. .  

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Have you seen any Jane Austin ?

Jayne Ayre is another.

Doc Martin is funny, based in Cornwall beautiful setting.

I tend to watch a lot of the animated movies, and lately (although it's a bit bad in places) I been watching the big bang theory sitcom.

I'd have to think on some others.

If you plan a trip give us a shout :)


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Keeping up Apperaences. One of my favorite. They just had, "Paradise", sort of like that other store show. Not bad. Bur, my most favorite is Topgear. Downtown Abby. A few shady characters, but all in all, just enjoyable. I know the young man that got killed off, he is doing great in his career. Why he left. Sort of helps with the sadness of it all. I enjoy British television, but a late comer. Sort of good. I can catch up!

I want to age without sharp corners, and have an obedient heart!

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Ohh yeah I loved those too, and have you had Mr Selfridge aired in the states yet? That was quite gripping too....Meely

Yes, it's been here. So has Paradise. The show.

Edited by Miss Bea

I want to age without sharp corners, and have an obedient heart!

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Missy, If you liked "Keeping Up Appearances" you would probably also like 'Open All Hours' with Ronnie Barker, and possibly another of his 'Porridge' - both oldies but goodies.   ('Porridge' is a British term for jail and the series are is very funny).  Jane Austins 'Pride and Prejudice' story is fabulously spoofed in 'Lost in Austen', so if you can watch P&P first, follow it with 'LiA' you will really appreciate the modern twist. 

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It can get very confusing in autumn in UK when they put on 'Costume/Historical Dramas' such as 'Paradise' based on French author: Emile Zola's 'Bonheur Des Dames' and then 'Mr Selfridge' - also about a department store set 100+ years ago.


 Then we got Downton Abbey followed by series Upstairs Downstairs looking into the lives of 2 families and their servants.


Then we had 'Larkrise to Candleford' (based on Flora Thompson novels) following another series 'Cranford' based on Elizabeth Gaskell novels - both on similar themes, set in old UK villages and sharing actors. All very well filmed and acted, but so close in theme and when they were televised, it get's a bit muddled in your head!


I enjoyed Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and the sequel - a 'whodunnit' murder mystery - 'Death comes to Pemberley' just showed on TV over the winter holidays. Sequel was well acted in sumptuous surroundings, but slightly miscast different actors for it - Anna Maxwell Martin is loads better playing one of the famous code-breakers of the 2nd World War at secret establishment Bletchly Park in the series 'The Bletchly Circle'. She wasn't the Bennet sister with the striking eyes of the Jane Austen book like the actress they had for Pride and Prejudice.


I love any TV series of Dickens books. Charles Dickens has such wonderful characters to depict 19th Century life and it's problems - Anna Maxwell Martin played a good part in Bleak House that exposed the greed and laziness of Barristers in the sluggish legal system of Dickens day ( not much change there then!)

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