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I have this one that is .99 that I like for its ease of use for listening to.https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jw-bible-nwt/id581120104?mt=8

This is for apple products though. I do have the JWfriend app which lets you download all the videos for kids for free made by the same brother. This way you don't need an internet connection to use it.

Not sure if I answered you question though :)

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Besides our wonderful JW Library app, there is JW Study aid app in the google store, ...when you install the app and open it you download our new 2013 Bible and the daily text..the text lists the other scriptures within the text at the end so you can read them .... The Bible has outline too..make settings..font size, night mode among other things..great app! Later our JW Library app may include these features, but for now this is a blessing..my husband's eyes prefer night mode..

Jehovah is "walking upon the wings of the wind" PS. 104:3b


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Why another app on the NWT?   Just wondering


Actually, this guy was first ;)


I don't have Apple products, so I cannot review or comment. But by comparison, I happily paid $3 for NWT-Pro for Android. It did not come with any bible data, so there was no copyright infringement. Instead, it would download and install the NWT ePub and extract the data from it. Brilliant idea, actually!


Our new JW Library app functions almost exactly the same, but the NWT Pro is a little more optically pleasing and functional. I use the JW Library app now because I can read the old and new NWT side by side on the same screen.


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