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Uganda: Pablo - a Visit By Jehovah's Tireless Witnesses

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No matter where you live, a Jehovah's Witnesses will find your house and knock at your door.

They know the city more than water and electricity installers. I have never seen believers who are committed to their calling like Jehovah's Witnesses. Two of them paid me a visit on a Saturday morning.

At first, I thought they were house brokers looking for business since there are many newly-furnished houses in the area. I thought so because one of them began by saying that they had identified a house for me that is rent-free and all expenses paid for eternity.

That is when his colleague pulled out the Bible and quoted several verses, reminding me that I'm a sinner who needs safe refuge. I stubbornly engaged them in a theological debate and was wowed by their immense biblical knowledge.

They never ran out of freebies, especially Awake magazines that have some of the best pictures I have seen depicting what paradise looks like. My favourite picture was that of a boy sharing an apple with a lion. My drunk neighbour couldn't believe that a lion could settle for fruits with meat lying in front of it.

Several political thoughts ran through my mind as I chatted with my guests. What would this country be like if public servants were committed to their vocation like Jehovah's Witnesses? There wouldn't be need for a Public Accounts committee in Parliament. This would save a lot of time, tea and doughnuts that are consumed in those meetings.

Deadlines, formalities and bureaucracy would be history in civil service. I have never seen a person who keeps time like a Jehovah's Witness. Try giving them an appointment and they will prove to you that punctuality has never been a mortal sin.

The private sector too which is full of kickbacks and obscene commissions would be fair ground to trade if the players adopted just half the principles of a Jehovah's Witness.

I might not be well-versed with their doctrine but what stood out for me were their commitment, honesty and selflessness. These and many other thoughts kept colliding in my head.

If I were to judge the book by its cover, my guests looked like people from well-to-do families. They were very eloquent and articulate while responding to some of my weird opinions.

Their humility was beyond my understanding. What was meant to be a courtesy call, ended up being a think-tank or symposium of sorts on theology that lasted for three hours.

They seemed disappointed though after the long conversation when I told them that I had already accepted Christ as my personal saviour. It is not fun preaching to the converted.

I suppose I will move house soon but I am very optimistic they will find me.


this was in a east African news post. is it not nice to read things like this I ran across this and thought some one might like to o read it.

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