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Sushi NOT! Any Raw Foodist in our group?

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Lynnette, what is the name of the Hawaiian or Japaneese dish with small squares of raw salmon mixed in a finely cut up salad? It is common to serve it as pupu. It has been 40 years but I think it is called Lomi Lomi but I could be wrong.

Hi Lynn! You're talking about Lomi Lomi Salmon...Good stuff! Here's a recipe.... :chef:

This is an island classic that’s traditionally served at luaus as a side dish, alongside kalua pig. It goes great with roast meats, or even other seafood dishes packing a bunch of flavour with each refreshing bite.

If lomi lomi makes you think of spas, it’s because “lomi” is the Hawaiian word for masseuse and is used in spas to describe a Hawaiian massage. The dish gets it’s name from the way the ingredients are massaged, breaking them up and helping all the flavours meld together. You could of course mix it with a spoon, but it won’t look the same, nor would it be nearly as fun to make:-)

Traditionally the fresh salmon is rubbed with Alaea salt and left overnight to cure, but for the sake of convenience, but you can gravlax from the grocery store. Since you want the sweetest ripest tomatoes and , use cherry tomatoes of possible, but nothing beets a sweet, juicy, vine ripened tomato.

You’re supposed to use Maui sweet onions and green onions, but not everyone can get Maui onions. As for the citrus, it’s a matter of personal preference, but if you want to go for the real deal, skip the citrus.

1 C ripe tomatoes peeled and cut into 1/4″ dice

1 serrano chili pepper finely minced

1/4 C sweet white onions(Maui if avail.) or sweet red onion finely minced

4 oz roughly chopped salted salmon (gravlax will work as well)

Squeeze of lemon or lime

2 Tbs chopped chives or green onions

Add everything except the chives in a bowl and work together with your fingers, breaking up the chunks of salmon as you go. There should be enough salt from the salmon, but add more if it needs it.

Add the chopped green onions/chives and mix in. Allow it to rest for at least an hour and serve.

EnJoY!!!! :eat:

Thank you Lynnette, I will have to give it a try. I have stayed away from raw salmon as of late because of the warnings out on the net. It was some of the best food on the Island 40 years ago.

We cannot incite if we are not in sight.___Heb.10:24,25

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I hunted for this “Raw Food” link and what I am reading is mostly anything but!!!

Ewww, I think I can smell it. Is that possible with today technology???

When you get sick you make decisions. Some of them aren’t very easy to make. Dr told me to quit meat 25 years ago, it was easy because it was like life or death, it was easier because my family backed me up and went vegetarian with me for a number of years. Jess will eat meat out but in the home doesn’t. I stopped cooking meat then, now it just smells bad, you know, like rotting flesh…oh wait…that is what it is! Ok, never mind that…

I was interested in the Raw Food conversation. My first encounter with a Raw diet was because I was in the hospital for 9 days, the first day, AM (after morphine) they brought me my first vegetarian meal. Gag, I couldn’t even eat the first bite it tasted so bad I spit it out. I told Jess to bring me some nuts and from then on asked for fruit, fresh for breakfast and salads for lunch. My daughter would bring me a Jamba Juice when she came. By the time I left the hospital I lost 5 pounds and felt great! Except for the other stuff. My fibromyalgia stuff was a lot less, I had energy (yes it is all it is cracked up to be). I came home and went back on my regular meals and went back to normal. Great. So I investigated what had happened and took off from there. I had broken my foot and 2 weeks later developed blood clots which required after 5 days, surgery, another one because the 1st didn’t work. So they were monitoring my blood for a year after that. I went on the raw diet and the DR was amazed at how my blood was clearing up. My thyroid points lowered, (thyroid meds always made it worse) and I lost another 25 pounds. I never needed a nap, I would even try sometimes just to have on with Jess and my brain would finally make me get up to do something.

It was a really good diet. When we moved to Baja I went off it, and I am feeling like my “old” self. Not good. I keep wanting to start again, and I have all the reasons to do so but my brain isn’t doing it yet. I was about 98% Raw. I did that because we were in Spanish congregation and Jess would have talks out once a month, first I say I am vegetarian…Shock! Now add Raw to that…inconceivable! So, to keep our brothers from short circuiting, I would at least eat the beans, rice and tortillas!

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