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JW.org - Judges Struggle With Their Own Conscience When Required to Ignore Conscience of Others

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<p style="display: block; float: left; min-width: 150px;">South Korean judges are distressed by the injustice of mandatory verdicts that criminalize and imprison conscientious objectors instead of recognizing their human rights.</p>

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Yet there is a south Korean as head of the UN. How does that work? THe worst human rights violating country in the world gets to spell out their garbage ideology to the rest of the world.


Greg, I think you are confusing South and North Korea. :)


South Korea, as many other countries, doesn't recognize conscience objection, so our youth are sent to prison when they refuse to do militery service. But other than that, our work is legal there and the brothers can preach and meet without any interference.


North Korea, on the other hand, is basically a huge Communist concentration camp directed by a crazy dictator. No freedom of speech, religion or whatever. People there die of starvation. The country is completely isolated so nobody really knows everything that is going on there. As far as we know, there are no Witnesses in North Korea, or at least there are no reports from them.

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It is kind of comical though that the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon from South Korea condemns countries with Anti Gay Laws, but doesn't say anything about his country putting JW's in prison.


This world doesn't make sense most of the time.


I always pray for the ones in prison in South Korea, and anywhere else.  Can't begin to imagine how difficult it is for them.

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