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China on Peace and Security

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Here are some excerpts:


Since its inception in 2012, the WPF has committed itself to increasing mutual trust, building consensus and expanding cooperation, acquiring a growing popularity and influence while making a due contribution to world peace and security. 

Next year, we will mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations,.....the trend of the times featuring peace, development, cooperation and mutual benefit has become increasingly powerful. 

 it is evident that the emerging markets and developing countries are still by and large growing faster than the developed countries, bringing about greater balance in international power. They share a common aspiration for continuous progress in the evolution of the international system and greater democracy in international relations, and they all strive for the establishment of a more just and equitable international order. We still face an uphill battle to uphold peace and promote common development in the world.

China is committed to deepening its friendly cooperation with other countries 

China attaches great importance to enhancing its strategic cooperation with Russia.

This year marks the 35th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and the United States.

China and Europe are important partners. China-EU partnerships for promoting peace, growth, reform and inter-civilization exchange are steadily moving forward.

China is committed to settling its differences and disputes with other countries through peaceful means and to playing a constructive role in solving regional hotspot issues.


China firmly supports peace and reconstruction in Afghanistan. In the coming August, China will host the Fourth Foreign Ministers' Conference of the Istanbul Process. We will take the opportunity to promote international cooperation and facilitate Afghanistan's political, economic and security transition.


Having participated in nearly 30 UN peacekeeping missions and dispatched a total of some 27,000 peacekeepers, China is the top contributor of UN peacekeepers among all permanent members of the Security Council.

China has always been a staunch force dedicated to peace and development in Asia and the world as a whole. China cannot achieve development in isolation from Asia and the world, and neither can peace and development in Asia and the world be secured without the contribution of China. We are ready to join all countries in making persistent efforts to seize the opportunities, take on the challenges and achieve our objectives. Hand in hand, let us make even greater contribution to the pursuit of lasting peace and common prosperity in Asia and the world at large.

I wish the Third World Peace Forum a complete success.

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   This speech given as it was at this World Conference for Peace, surely appears to contain all the

elements Paul said for us to watch for. In itself the speaker surely touches on all the reasons that

today's present rulers need a collaborate effort to resolve their problems. They are publically admit-

ting the resolution has now grown beyond any of their individual powers. How significant this speech

is given at the same time the FDS through the International conventions is giving the Public Lecture

on the true Savior of this world, our Lord Jesus Christ, through the power of our Almighty God Jehovah.

These developments surely make us feel from the heart the words of Christ wen he said: " As these

things start to occur, stand up straight, and lift your heads up, because your deliverance is getting

near." Luke 21:28


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Oh I remember where the last one got us!!! That's why I added the disclaimer at the end of my comment!


Smart girl   ...   I saw the mods lining up ready to pounce on me!   ...  lovingly of course.    (all "70" of them)

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Smart girl   ...   I saw the mods lining up ready to pounce on me!   ...  lovingly of course.    (all "70" of them)


And now I am going to make it worse. lol 

I am truly not a numbers person but certain scriptures have gotten me thinking and I have put these scriptures down along with my thoughts, they are not quite in order so follow the best that you can. My pain level is high today so I can't think well enough to put these thoughts in order. Maybe someone else can do it for me. Here goes:


 the devastated places of Israel will be rebuilt, for Jehovah will have compassion for his holy name, to sanctify it before the nations. He will give his people a new heart and a new spirit, and their land will again become “like the garden of Eden.” (36:35) Ezekiel now sees a vision of Israel represented as a valley of dry bones. Ezekiel prophesies over the bones. Miraculously they begin to have flesh, breath, and life again. Just so will Jehovah open the burial places of captivity in Babylon and restore Israel to its land again. Ezekiel takes two sticks representing the two houses of Israel, Judah and Ephraim. In his hand they become one stick. Thus, when Jehovah restores Israel, they will be united in a covenant of peace under his servant “David.”—37:24.

When seventy years have been fulfilled    I shall call to account against the king of Babylon and against that nation . . . their error.—Jer. 25:12.

“This is what Jehovah has said, ‘In accord with the fulfilling of seventy years at Babylon I shall turn my attention to you people, and I will establish toward you my good word in bringing you back to this place.’” (Jer. 25:11; 29:10) This prophecy was fulfilled right on time—in 537 B.C.E. 

(The United States was established on the basis that people could freely worship as they please and therefore became a mixture of all religions.)

The U.S. was not a part of the League of Nations but was a part of the United Nations beginning in 1945

the first-century siege of Jerusalem. By means of his Son, Jehovah provided instructions for survival to Christians who were living in Jerusalem and Judea prior to the city’s destruction in 70 C.E. Jesus said: “When you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in a holy place, . . . then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains.” (Matt. 24:15, 16

We know that the UN is the disgusting thing that causes desolation, standing in a holy place

Jesus said: “When you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in a holy place, . . . then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains.” (Matt. 24:15, 16) But how would Jesus’ followers recognize when this prophecy was being fulfilled?

Jesus’ command to “begin fleeing to the mountains” has a modern-day application. Just what form our flight will take remains to be seen. However, we can be sure that Jehovah will make clear the meaning of those instructions when the time comes for us to follow them

THE execution of God’s judgment upon Satan’s world will break out with striking suddenness. (1 Thess. 5:2, 3) As “the great day of Jehovah” unfolds, earthly society will descend into chaos. (Zeph. 1:14-17) Hardships and deprivations will be the order of the day. It will be a time of distress “such as has not occurred since the world’s beginning until now.”—Read Matthew 24:21, 22.

2 As the “great tribulation” moves toward its climax, God’s people will be the target of an all-out attack by “Gog of the land of Magog.” During this attack, “a numerous military force” will come against God’s people “like clouds to cover the land.” (Ezek. 38:2, 14-16) No human agency will come to the defense of Jehovah’s people. Their survival will depend on God alone. How will they react when staring extermination in the face?


Ok this is where my thinking was going, the US is like the Nation of Babylon due to all the different false religions it encompasses, the U.S. became part of the U.N. in 1945 so 70 years would bring us to 2015. 


Now everyone can start bashing me, but I had to get my thoughts out in the open. 

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no, but I'd like to rope you into my "A*S" group     ..... wanna join?




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So, just maybe, UN demolishes BTG in the spring of 2015, then they weep over her. After that they realize that we are still active and they turn on us and then Jesus arrives with his heavenly army  during October 2015?

We just had our CO's visit, and in his talk on Sunday, he spoke of how the attack on BtG will be cut short to allow us to 'escape,' just as the early Christians did when the Romans withdrew from Jerusalem in 66 C.E.  So BtG won't be completely destroyed, from what I understood.  Seems I heard this info in another talk or read it at some point. 


Sorry....Have I just started a new thread?  lol...

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B T G will be completely burned with fire (Rev 17:18) - completely destroyed.


WT 7/15 2013:

7 Jesus also foretold: “Those days will be cut short.” In the initial fulfillment, this happened in 66 C.E. when the Roman army “cut short” its attack. Then, anointed Christians in Jerusalem and Judea fled, allowing for their ‘flesh, or life, to be saved.’ (Read Matthew 24:22; Mal. 3:17) So, what can we expect will happen during the coming great tribulation? Jehovah will “cut short” the attack of the United Nations on false religion, not allowing true religion to be destroyed with the false. This will ensure that God’s people will be saved.
8 What happens after the initial part of the great tribulation has passed? Jesus’ words indicate that there will be a period of time that will last until the start of Armageddon. What events will occur during that interval? The answer is recorded at Ezekiel 38:14-16 and Matthew 24:29-31. (Read.) After that, we will witness Armageddon, the climax of the great tribulation, which parallels Jerusalem’s destruction in 70 C.E. (Mal. 4:1) With the battle of Armageddon as its climax, that coming great tribulation will be unique—an event “such as has not occurred since the world’s beginning.” (Matt. 24:21) When it has passed, Christ’s Millennial Rule will begin."
So false religion will be completely gone - however God's people don't need a building or a priest or "pope" to still be functioning.
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