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More voices : Ban Religion

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More and more people see religion as obstacle to Peace

Duncan - After 60-odd years of studying humans and war I think the only way to end wars and have some semblance of world peace is to ban religion. - See more at: http://www.cowichanvalleycitizen.com/opinion/letters/ban-religion-to-advance-cause-of-world-peace-1.1740435#sthash.vnfUKmPZ.dpuf



Others demand from UN to Ban :   " Contempt of Religion'

Radical Muslim Scholars Demand UN Impose Worldwide Ban on ‘Contempt of Religion’



Charles: Religion could spark World War III




My take on this ; Big mess around religion ! Headlines about religion are everyday news ..  must be getting close ...

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Man was created as an intelligent creature with the desire to explore and understand :)


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You have to question the assumed intelligence of some of these bloggers, e-journalists whatever they are. This chap in the Citizen claims to have spent 60 years studying human behavior and war and yet is completely oblivious not only to contemporary World history which has been largely secular, but also the causes of both World Wars or any of the subsequent major World conflicts which were anything but religious. Almost every thing he wrote in that post was unquantifiable opinionated gibberish, completely devoid of facts, or the factual analysis that he has the audacity to berate, from books such as the Bible for apparently not having. And at the end of it all he claims to "I believe in God but not in religion" ?!?! Only a system ran by Satan could produce such idiotic opinions and deceitful disingenuous rhetoric. 


None the less its great to see Satan's system divided against itself as there's NOTHING Satan and his Demons can do about it. Jehovah's Will be done. 

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Is that the whole point of satan's push behind false religion? Keeping things so riled up that  people turn to the media looking for answers, they can't find from church leader But if b.t.g. is supporting religion, who are they going top turn to? They can turn to God, pray, but that is futile, as they don't obey His commandments about love of neighbor, not killing their fellow man. That is one point that wasn't brought out in yesterday's WT study. False religion's mis-handling of God's Holy word.

I am everlastingly grateful for Jehovah's drawing me to the truth, and allowing me to stay in. I do realize that w/o His assistance, I wouldn;t be where I am today.

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