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Jehovah's Got Another Light Show Going On

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The Perseids Meteor Shower is heating up: Stargazing_zpsrzv8cpdg.gif






  Tonight … 2015 is a great year for the Perseids!    Peak mornings are August 12, 13 and 14, but trying watching tomorrow morning, too. No interference from the moon this year! Plus, stars to watch before dawn. 



50 to 100mph  (meteors per hour)

Unless there's clouds.  Then it's 0mph. 


"...Stop and consider carefully the wonderful works of God."--Job 37:14


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The Perseids Meteor Shower is heating up: Stargazing_zpsrzv8cpdg.gif






50 to 100mph  (meteors per hour)

Unless there's clouds.  Then it's 0mph. 




Fantastic,!!!!!!!  My hubby was given a powerful telescope.. I see the notice said sometimes these meteors can be seen in the southern Hem. Cool.

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Spent two hours out under a slightly hazy night sky.Stargazing_zpsrzv8cpdg.gif

Between the steady flashing of strobe lights, from high-flying jets,

I got to 'consider carefully the wonderful works of God'. :huh: 


For most of my life, an airforce base kept areas of Michigan's 

Upper Peninsula a 'no fly' zone.


Now that the base is gone, there seems to be a non-stop 

stream of airline traffic overhead. :blink:  


Could not believe the number of jets I saw go over last night!--er,

early, early this morning.


Finally figured that it must be cheaper to fly a 'red-eye'.  

Why else would so many people be flying between one and three in the morning?


Wait...Maybe they were like the dude in the Carly Simon "You're So Vain" song?

Yeah...they all bought plane tickets, just so they could view the meteor shower.

Afterall, clouds can't obstruct your view when you're on the other side of them. ^_^ 


Whilst viewing the high-flying jets, and the interspersed Perseids' meteors,

I sang Perry Como's "Catch A Falling Star" song and pondered

the fact that I was hurtling through space at 66,500 miles per hour,

gazing out the 'porthole' of Jehovah's planet/spaceship.


I saw Sirius, right below Orion's belt.  

At least, I saw Sirius four years ago.  

It took that long for the star's light to reach earth.  

It takes our own star's light eight minutes to reach us.  

It takes light from the Eagle Nebula 7,000 years to reach us. 


The more carefully you consider the wonderful works of God, the more

minuscule you become. -_-  

Gazing up at the vastness of Jehovah's universe

is also extremely conducive to prayer.  

Puts--and keeps--EVERYTHING

in the proper perspective. ^_^  


The meteors per hour rate was only about 15, through the slight haze.

I'm hoping the night sky continues to remain 'relatively' cloudless,

at least for the next 3 Perseids' peak shower days. :D 


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What’s the source of the Perseid meteor shower? Every year, from around July 17 to August 24, our planet Earth crosses the orbital path of Comet Swift-Tuttle, the parent of the Perseid meteor shower. Debris from this comet litters the comet’s orbit, but we don’t really get into the thick of the comet rubble until after the first week of August. The bits and pieces from Comet Swift-Tuttle slam into the Earth’s upper atmosphere at some 210,000 kilometers (130,000 miles) per hour, lighting up the nighttime with fast-moving Perseid meteors. If our planet happens to pass through an unusually dense clump of meteoroids – comet rubble – we’ll see an elevated number of meteors. We can always hope!




Heading back out in just a bit to watch

some more comet dust go 'POOF!' in our atmosphere.


Look to the Northeast between midnight and pre-dawn, for the best show.






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