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I'm planning a biblical costume party. Can anyone suggest themes? Games? Things I could do? Thank you :)

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Aloha brothers and sisters!!

I am planning a biblical costume party in a few weeks and I have never attended one, I've heard and seen pictures and thought it would be so awesome! Has anyone planned one or attended? Not sure what I should plan for the evening? Games? Things to do? Any help is greatly appreciated :) aside from a dinner being served not sure what else we could do.

With the highlights of family worship I was thinking of asking a few families to act out a short skit from the bible and have them act it out on stage. Is that a good idea? It would be a cool project to work on :)

Mahalo for your help :)

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Sounds wonderful!

Let's see, hmmm, ideas. Well how about enacting scenes about the ten plagues Jehovah bought upon Egypt? I had a gathering and that was something we did. It wasn't exactly all ten but it was enough to get the point.

Then there's always Noah's Ark. You can get little plastic animals or maybe, depending on finances, make costumes for the friends to imitate at least some of the animals.

Then there's Jesus' miracles you can reenact, such as the resurrection.

But one of my favorites is charades. Depending on how large your group is, (you'll need at least two groups), each group chooses a captain. Then each group goes off somewhere by themselves (in another room/part of the house). Each group with approval from the captain chooses a Bible theme to reenact. They act it out. The person in the audience (who's part of another group) who guess correctly gets up with his or her group into another room or space to choose another theme and it starts over again. It's great fun for at least two reasons. One, you learn things you might have not known or forgotten. Two, it's great to watch the creativety of the friends in acting out the various themes. Lots of laughter coupled with learning.

Well, those are my suggestions. I'm sure the others will come up with more. Oh and by the way...with charades there's no limit to the imagination just as long as it's in harmony with the themes. So if you choose that, you can even have the themes acted out in full costume. It's all up to you. Have fun!

oopss! I forgot to mention how to get the themes. Actually it's up to you. But I got mine from a gathering my daughter gave one time. She had each group look over stories from My Book of Bible Stories, so that's what I used. But it's your party so use what suits you and your guests best.

Again, have fun! :)

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We just went through the experiences of Elisha, and how he saved the lives of the miscarried children of Jericho, and then some ungrateful children spoke to him disrespectfully, and 42 of them lost their lives, and so many other things.  Maybe you can do a costume party on the life and activities of Elisha.  Somebody can be Naaman, or the little Israelite girl, or Gehazi, or the son who died, and his mother.  It would be a great way to remind ourselves of those events.  Each person could have a clue card and correct answers can get small awards.

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 I have an idea. Genesis 1:21- God created great sea creatures- Make a model if the city of Chicago and have someone put of Godzilla costume and had him or her to stamp down the city. Now that will be awesome.It will be more awesome if the person who play Godzilla shoot fire our his or her mouth. The Great Chicago Fire of 2015.

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