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Scavenger Hunt

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I have.  When my kids were small they attended a birthday party where they were given a sheet of paper, a list really, of things they were to find and return back to the party with.  It was a timed game but the object was to gain the most objects in the least amount of time.  I can remember for the most part the neighbors enjoying watching and helping the kids.  I really do not remember anyone being upset by a knock on the door and asking if they could help them out.  That was almost 30 years ago and things have changed.  The list had things on it like rubber bands, hair ribbon, bow, plastic spoon, 1956 penny, a blue crayon. an old newspaper or magazine, a rock, a thumb tack,--any thing that people may have around the house they felt had no value and would not mind giving up.  You would be surprised how fast some people were hit up for the same things (bobby pin) but the kids would warn them someone would probably be by shortly and ask again for the same things.  I remember some of the neighbors were involved enough they stood on the porch anticipating more arrivals and was hurrying the children on by cheering them along the way.  It was alot of fun for them.  You can also give clues and hide things but I would not be clever enough to do that.  If memory serves me, there were very small prizes for the one who had the most items, the one who returned in the least amount of time, the one with the fewest items, and every kid got a prize.



Thankful to be among friends everyday!

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I vaguely remember someone doing a theocratic scavenger hunt many years ago. I don't know how it turned out. I just remember car loads of friends showing up at my parents house asking for green songbooks, pink songbooks, old publications, etc. It's a vague memory, don't press me for details... :)

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On our honeymoon when my new wife and I were visiting my home town of Arcata CA. The young people from my old congregation threw a scavenger hunt. We got the instruction at 5:00 PM and were to meet on Moonstone beach for a bonfire party where the prizes were awarded.

It was fun but didn't impress me a whole lot as we had always been a convivial group of young people. Not so with my wife. She had never been with a gathering 'to just have fun.'

Turn the page.

Honeymoon over we were returnng to Prineville OR our home town. We had a house, we both had jobs. Ten miles from Prineville she turned to me and asked "Why don't we move to Arcata instead?"

That scavenger hunt had so impressed her she wanted to go back and we did that very week.

No Regrets.

Have fun with your scavenger hunt.    :backflip:  :bouncing:  :ecstatic:

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We had things hidden all around another Sister's property, and the children would have to follow a map or maps to unearth an item and to get their next (assigned)

destination. The total map was constructed from one of our books (See the Good Land wasn't out yet.) She had put a map piece and follow up clues for Perea

in her own mailbox. While the young ones were on their expedition, the postal worker came by to deliver the family's mail, and removed everything that was

not US Mail. I cannot remember how the Sister rescued the day, but she came up with a plan 'B,' and it worked.

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I've never been involved in one but have thought that it would be pretty fun. My sister and her husband (both in the truth, he's an elder) have done a couple and LOVED them! They did one in a mall too! They just had to get the objects on the list from random people at the mall. As long as your list doesn't include things that would have to be stolen (as some worldly scavenger hunts include) you should have a pretty fun time with it! It can start and end anywhere and include anything!

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We organised an 'Amazing Race' for our cong - 11 car groups started from a set point (at 5 minute intervals) and had a series of clues and activities that lasted a bit over 2 hours and took them on a 50 km (30 mile) journey... and had a congregation BBQ at the end point.  Was a lot of fun!

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