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Hurricane Juoquine going to hit the eastern seaboard?

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Sure hope everyone is safe. Bahamas is sure getting a pounding. I fear for the Atlantic provinces. They have already had bridges and roads wash out because of continuous rain the last couple of weeks. I will be very dangerous if this monster hits land. Many states have already issued states of emergencies. Please take head everyone and stay safe.

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Well South Carolina has been hit hard - city of Charleston flooding real bad, Columbia (capital of S.C.) having flooding, and it is flooding clear up to the Northwest part of the state where we are - we had one drowning death (in a flooded car) in our area as well as several close calls where roads washed out or flooded and people hanging from trees where they did not see that the bridges were washed out (night time).


We are in midst of having CO visit and they called this morning and cancelled our morning service meeting and the afternoon meeting with the pioneers due to the heavy rain and flooding - worried for the friends getting out in the flooding roads.  We have had rain now since Thursday a week and a half ago (I got soaked going to the meeting that night but had a part on the School so I remember very well when the rains started).  The flooding has ruined some businesses in our area and when it drains off temporarily it has left lots of mud on major roads in our area.  Two car dealerships had major damage (new and used cars) with a good 50 new trucks, SUVs and cars washed down the creek and probably 60 used ones at another place flooded up past the windows - totally ruined with mud, the hospital administration building had flooding, the helicopter pad was under water too. Several gas stations were flooded and had inches of mud.  Lots of cars damaged where people drove into the high water.  Heard this morning that the park that isn't but maybe a mile from us was flooded as well as the neighborhood.  Thousands are without power.  Trees blocking roads.  It is a mess.  Makes me glad we live higher on a road that slopes down because our road flooded down toward the end (no one lives in that section) but it is plenty down the hill from us.


You know it is bad when they cancel the CO morning service meeting!

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Wow!. Stay safe, Rosalie.

We got some rain and wind. It's pretty cold here too.... This morning was 45 degrees and extra gray. They were calling for coastal flooding but not as bad as the Carolinas.

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