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Great article

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This pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter :tongue:

Permissive parents

O we must be kindred spirits. I raised my 4 boys and 2 of my husbands brothers sons. When we were home, they were allowed to cut up, be loud, etc. but when we got in the car, they knew they'd better behave or deal with me. If I had to snap my fingers more than once they knew it was over. I didn't like to spank because of my up-bringing but if things got out of control, that was a good possibility. I loved the article and have a few people in mind to send it to.:crackwhip:

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Here's one I found about storing your stuff on the internet.

If You Put a File in the Cloud, Who Owns It?

Updated 3. July 2011 - 19:08 by v.laurie

These days, it seems that everyone is rushing into “cloud computing”—that nebulous term that means what you are doing is carried out on someone else’s computer. That there are questions to be asked about security, privacy, and reliability is obvious and there is much discussion of these subjects. However, a less apparent question is what you are agreeing to when you use a cloud service.

Generally, you have to accept some terms of service (TOS). Like the EULAs for software, TOS are full of legalese and are probably not read by many people. It might surprise you to find that a service has the right to use your files in any way they choose, as recently came up for the widely used Dropbox.

So, does that mean you have to slog through some turgid legalistic TOS to find out what the online services are up to? Well, at least for some of the big ones, Ed Bott has done it for you. He has posted what he feels are relevant parts of their respective TOS for the following:

Amazon Web Services




Microsoft Windows Live


He also gives links to the full TOS for those who want to really dig into them. Bott’s ZDNet post is here.

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Great article and I agree with every thing he said. My kids are now 14 and 13, but when they were young, my husband and I did not tolerate that kind of behavior, and even though I am a parent, I do not sympathize when I see kids running all around the grocery store. It drives me crazy. My kids were taught to stand with me at the store and be quiet at all times. If you teach your kids proper manners from the time they are very small, they will know how to behave.

I can tolerate a baby crying only cause there is not much a parent can do except feed it or change it or just hold it, but once kids are walking, they need to be taught manners.

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This pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter :tongue:

Permissive parents

The article ends with the line:

You wanted them, deal with them.

But I think that's partly the problem.

Many who are parents actually did NOT want them.

They have children but they don't want to spend the time bringing them up.

Living in Japan I see this all the time.

In many cases parents view their children as a kind of "toy" and at first is cute.

But later they realise that this "toy" has demands and needs which takes away the time that they

want to spend on their own interests.

So they, just "like water" take the easy way out and let their kids run the show.

Or they go to extremes and child abuse results

see this article http://edition.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/asiapcf/02/14/japan.child.abuse/index.html

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We have a sign in our antique shop "Children are a joy to behold - please be holding yours while you go around our shop thank you."It's ubelievable what they let their children do. One looked lovingly on while her little girl climbed up on to an antique table set out with a china teaset and start playing 'Teatime' with the 'Royal Doulton'!! The mother looked at me smiling and said:"Isn't that cute?" while other customers looked on horrified.:scared: I reminded her of the sign that said "breakages will be paid for" so that was the only thing that made her lift her off. Another father lifted a vintage metal car down from a high shelf and gave it to his tot and watched while he proceeded to dismantle our stock, so I had to carefully take it off him and the father became abusive and said "What do you expect to amuse kids with in here, there's nothing for them to do!":eek::?(!!??) I could only placate him by saying that there were no safety standards when they made toys many years ago and there are sharp edges and lead in the paint and I didn't want his child to be hurt - the toys are just adult collector's items now, hence putting them in cabinets and higher shelves. Another man bought an expensive vintage car from us for quite an amount and suddenly handed it to his tot, who put it on the ground and shoved it round the floor under his foot on it like a skateboard! Well the stock was paid for so, we just sat and quietly rolled our eyes about it!:uhhuh:

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