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Changes In the Year 2016

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According to the sample service meeting video, it shows we don't have  Our Kingdom Ministry instead we have Meeting workbook. We don't have Ministry School (talk No.1, 2, 3). The way how bible highlights will be conducted is different too . Bible reading will be of 4 min or less. ministry school text book is being used.school oversea is not there but we have a chair man. we don't have Service meeting but Living as Christians we also have the part called Apply yourself to the field ministry.

I wonder if we are having Awake magazine Next year

looking forward to see Jehovah's organization on the move  :encourage:   :bouncing:

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I am going to close this thread as we already have one that is now 20 PAGES long discussing this here -> http://jwtalk.net/forums/topic/23219-new-mid-week-meeting-format/


But in brief:


Yes we still have a school, but we do not call it the TMS any more - now it is the Bible reading and "Apply Yourself to the Field Ministry" meeting. 


Yes, we still have a TMS Overseer - the name of his title is just changed to - "Life and Ministry Meeting Overseer" (LMMO). He still does the schedule for these parts and tracks the counsel points we are working on. AND he still offers counsel when he is the Chairman. On the plus side, we now get different elders that can offer counsel after each of these talks when THEY are the Chairman, but they still give their results back to the LMMO - as he is the school overseer. This should give us well rounded out counsel from MULTIPLE elders. Our school really has gotten better, eh.


Yes, they changed the name of our "Service Meeting" to "Living as Christians" Meeting and it is now 10 minutes shorter - as they moved that 10 minutes to the Bible Highlights which is now 2 parts (a 10 minute talk AND an 8 minute Q & A). That section of the meeting then concludes with the Congregation Bible Study (CBS) - still 30 minutes long. 


Lastly, Yes we will have the Awake! magazine next year, but we will only get 6 of them instead of 12 - as now they are printed every other month - instead of monthly. 

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Soon .....


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We lock topics that are over 365 days old, and the last reply made in this topic was 3114 days ago. If you want to discuss this subject, we prefer that you start a new topic.

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