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I checked the members in here but it looks like there are not many from these places.


Anyone here knows someone from any of the places?


Would like to go out in service (in Pittsburgh) on December 22.

For the other two places, sites worth seeing are enough. Well any other tips welcome too.


I have the addresses of the K.H otherwise.


Thank you!



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While I live in NJ now, I am originally from Maryland just outside of Baltimore.


If you are thinking of visiting B-more, the Inner Harbor is always a nice place to walk around.  There is a very nice Aquarium there along with a Science Center.  Both can be costly but each has exhibits that make the visits worth it.  There are also tons of great places to eat within walking distance of the harbor, so consider that.


Washington, DC - Definitely visit one or the many museums from the Smithsonian or the Holocaust Museum.  Georgetown (the section in DC) can be fun for walking around.  During our last visit home, we went to the National Mall.  It was fun.    

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Hi Tammi, not sure if you will get this in time but wanted to ask you if you know a sister in Baltimore at all whith whom I could make arrangements with for service this Saturday? I would usually just go to the Hall but it is nicer if I actually "know" someone before going... Thank you!

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Just in case you need it since you do not know me, I have met 2 sisters in person from the forum who could tell you more about me ... I guess it is always different to hear about someone who has actually seen you. Plus someone here knows my old congregation (so people whith whom I associated with) and also we have friends in common from Madagascar where I am from, all that in the truth! :)

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Hasina, I can't help you with those arrangements, but your comment brought to mind something that happened some months ago.


One afternoon two young and beautiful sisters came to our meeting for service. They were visiting from abroad and wanted to go in service. The reactions were interesting. Young brothers were happy to go in service with them, while single sisters protested that we didn't know them and, for all we knew, they might not be Witnesses or even be disfellowshipped. :innocent::lol:

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That is too funny :D I usually call ahead to inquire about the time at the Hall and tell them a bit about myself then if I make it to a meeting before, it is a better way to get them to know me. But yes, there were times people were not sure about me and it is understandable... But they asked tons of questions and then it seemed to be all good later : D

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And don't be offended if they ask to see your DPA. We were told to keep one on ourselves at all times. The perfect way to assert someone's claim to being a Witness.

Sorry but this is the one who English is not her first language... What is DPA? For all I know as a witness we have the no-blood card.

And to take it on a lighter note: in French DPA is short for date probable d'accouchement or your probable due date (giving birth) for pregnant women :D

OK Tammi will PM you!

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This is the picture of our brothers and sisters doing the cart work in front of the White House last Thursday. I would say it is something we can expect but what struck me was that they were right in front of the White House and on the opposite side there were "protesting" people. They were quiet too (sorry did not take a picture). The thing is they had a message of peace, asking, wanting to end war but somehow it was not attractive. These persons gave the impression that they were homeless and it might have made people afraid may be? On the other hand I saw people approaching the sisters and brothers, so much so that I had not had the chance to talk to them. My point is (and this is from someone who has grown up in a very poor country). Our appearance definitely enhances or degrades our message. In a poor country like where I am originally from the first thing people do when learning about Jehovah is have soap and water. And it changes much! They are very modest but clean, enough to gain respect. I just thought that was a contrast worth noting.

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