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JW recognized as a corporation of public law in Baden-Württemberg

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after a long legal dispute, today JW are recognized as a corporation of public law also on province level in Baden-Württemberg/Germany




2006 it was decided on land level:






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The main ideas:


JW are now recognized as a corporation of public law in Baden-Wuerttenberg - like the Churches and like it is already the case in other provinces in Germany.

That means good news/ advantages for JW.

Paying less taxes - just like the Catholic and Protestant (?)

The group hopes (according to writer) that the news will clear the misconception about JW being a sect.


JW consider themselves christians. The group funded in USA by the former Adventist-preacher Charles Taze Russel has 170.000 members in Germany. Their name is based on the (not sure how to translate missverstandene Lesart - misverstanden means - misunderstood and Lesart - way of reading?) of God's hebraic name in the ancient testament JHWH.


One paragraph is not that positive: it says that JW are totalitarian and oppressive according to critics. That we hinder the development and flourishment of one's personality by using the fear of the end of days. Critcis also points the finger on the way we raise our kids and our stand on blood.


One of the reasons used for not granting this recognition was the way we treat  DF, that it divides families and is a danger to marriage and family life because we avoid any contact.


Hope that helps. May be the OP-er can add more.


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there's another interesting link for this topic on our old JW website from Germany regarding the acceptance procedure during the years




the reason to get the second consession on province level is to strengthening the predictability of legal decisions to the province authorities


most of the provinces in Germany gets  this second concession immediately after the decision in 2006 from the Federal Constitutional Court in Berlin.


but a long time in BaWü there were some politicians who didn't like JW, and they refused the second consession permanently.


but now they have had no more arguments to refuse acceptance :):loopy: 



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