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Clock boy' Ahmed Mohamed's family seeks $15 million and apologies

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(CNN)Fifteen million dollars and apologies from the mayor and police chief.

That's what an attorney says the family of Ahmed Mohamed is demanding from city and school officials in Irving, Texas, or they say they'll file a civil suit.

In September, 14-year-old Ahmed made international headlines when he brought a handmade clock to school to show his teachers.

One of them thought it was a bomb and notified school authorities, who then called police. Ahmed was detained, questioned and hauled off in handcuffs. At the time, the school said it reacted with caution because the contraption that had wires could have been an explosive device.

It wasn't. It was just a clock.

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Oh no not the clock kid's father again. This whole thing is a big joke in my opinion.


The kid is now supposedly traumatized?? Seriously??? He got so much media attention and public affection, I saw him on TV: he's not traumatized. He got invited to all sorts of big events and praised by the President of the United States as if he was a candidate for the nobel prize just for dismantling a digital clock and glueing the contents into a suitcase... which made it look like something of a mock bomb actually. His teacher repeatedly asked him to put that thing away and he did not comply. Makes you think the 15 million were the plan right from the start.


Oh well who cares, if the government has to pay, they can always just print more money, right?

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This is such a bad trend by greedy people to sue for astronautical amounts of money after they don't like how they were treated. I wish a judge would set a precedence in courts hearings and stop paying victims just whatever they say they deserve. The boy has become famous, invited to the White House and from what I understand the school did this for the protection of all the students. They arrest kids of all races for things misconstrued by officials every day. I think he benefited from the situation already enough. Most wrongful arrests or questionings are just dropped and people move on.

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I did a search with Macarthur High in Irving and Jehovah's Witness to see if anyone that I had gone to school with was a JW. Funny thing is that the story about the clock boy came up. Apparently his brother learned English from Jehovah's Witnesses, if I understood it correctly. 

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