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Science 's opinion about length of human life....?

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2 hours ago, dilip kumar said:

What has science got to say about ...

humans were to live longer


were humans programmed to die?

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it vol 2 p. 247

All forms of vegetable life, as well as animal life, are transitory. A long-standing question among scientists has been, Why does man grow old and die? 

Some scientists propose that there is a genetically determined life span for each cell. For support they point to experiments in which cells cultured in an artificial environment were found to stop dividing after about 50 divisions. Other scientists, however, contend that such experiments do not provide insight into why whole organisms age. Various other explanations are offered, including the theory that the brain releases hormones that play a large part in aging and subsequent death. That a person must be cautious about accepting one theory over another is suggested by the comments of Roy L. Walford, M.D., who said: “It’s not a cause for alarm or even surprise that Hayflick’s paradigm [the theory that aging is built into the cell’s genetics] may prove ultimately false, or be replaced by a better but ultimately equally false paradigm. Everything is true for its own time.”—Maximum Life Span, 1983, p. 75.

In considering the findings and conclusions of scientists, it should be noted that most do not credit life to a Creator. Through their own efforts, they hope to discover the secret of aging and death so as to extend human life indefinitely. They overlook the fact that the Creator himself decreed the death sentence for the first human pair, implementing that sentence in a way that man does not fully understand; similarly, he holds forth the prize of everlasting life to those who exercise faith in his Son.—Ge 2:16, 17; 3:16-19; Joh 3:16.

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I don't know if you guys have heard of Telemere's?  There is a sister in my KG that sells them from her house.  She is a distributor.  The bottle holds about 80 pills, and they go for about $90.00 a bottle.  She asked me if I wanted to try some and (they were free) I said no.  I read up on these telemere's, they are supposed to make your cells grow, like they help with anti ageing.  Well, that is weird science in my book, not saying its weird for others.  The sister's husband started taking them 2 years ago, and his cells grew, am not sure if this is what killed him a few months ago.  He got leukemia and no one on his side of his family ever had it, no grandparents, great great or other relatives.   She still takes them, but not as much as she used too each day.  Before that wonderful WT came out a few months ago about not seducing ones into herbs or some other forms of health ideas, she used to sell the bottles out of her back trunk of the car in the KG parking lot.  When that wonderful WT came out, she stopped.   Jehovah didn't want his house parking lot to be a vendor market like they did when Jesus was around!   I hear some friends are investing in this product (stock market) and they too sell it.   Have any of you ever hear of these pills called Telemeres? 

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