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I forgot why or how actually how I got this far, but I winded up on the Urban Strategies page concerning homelessness, etc, and no I'm not homeless.

But I continued, and was flabbergasted! Though aware it's all a part of this dying system, going through it made me wonder really just why some people are still complaining about their lot in life. Yes, I fully understand how it is being homeless because my children and I were in 1977 due to a house fire. So we had to stay in a shelter for 2-3 months, and though it certainly wasn't the most pleasant situation, we had a roof over our heads, even if it was in one room, shared a bathroom with a very unclean woman, had to leave the key with staff and be back by 9pm or your room is lost. Oh and though there was a small communal kitchen where you can cook, you had to have eyes open even while sleeping or the food you bought was stolen! 

But what I'm gripping about is their, it seems to me, the unthankful and entitlement attitude people have! At that Urban Strategies site, there were soo many programs to take advantage of that were hardly around in 1977. There are programs today that, in most cases, all you have to do is show up! I just don't understand, therefore as in for the most part, what the problem is! True, there is rampant dishonesty within but they're still around. Did y'all know there are still maternity homes, and not just for her, but for baby daddy too? Yep. (In my day they were called "unwed homes." Was shocked they still have them). 

Then I thought of what the problem could be for people's grumbling, etc. in this case.

Could it be that some applied, were told what they had to do, and left with their self-entitled attitude of "You're lying! My boy came in here just the other day and now he good!" Or "What you mean sugar I can't have my dude in here? He my baby daddy!" And etc, etc, etc, etc. 

Anyway, thanks for listening to me grippe.

This just goes to show how, more and more, no matter what man does to try and remedy this broken down system, we just weren't made to govern ourselves. Jehovah says it better at Jer. 10:23. 

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We have had a spate of 'hard-up' families going to the media saying they are homeless and are either living in garages or on the street ... then it turns out they never paid rent and were terrible tenants. So, while there will always be genuine cases, there are many like you say who play the violin strings for the masses to generate sympathy and/or donations. To be honest - I'm really over that, I take what media says now with a huge grain of salt. 


Just hope the genuine cases are getting the help they need and deserve.

<p>"Jehovah chooses to either 'reveal' or 'conceal' - cherish what he reveals and be patient with what he conceals."

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We had a homeless individual that one of the friends helped wade through the system, and, eventually get a home. The homeless person could not stand the confinement of walls. Back on the street, by choice. 

Reminds me of one of our rescue cats. He is okay, until he is picked up. Then he looks at the ceiling in fear, like it is a threat to him. The confinement thing. Unlike the homeless person, Pole Cat is, for the most part adopted to that confinement. No more living in the woods for him.

This homeless generation. They are lost souls. Some, mentally ill, some, society is beyond what they can handle. Others, just do not know how to work. Zilch work ethic. They'd rather live in the brush. 

We had a baby born in one of the homeless camps, but for the most part, they are not having kids. Can you imagine what the NEXT generation would be? Jehovah, a God of perfect timing! Only He can step in and fix this rotten to the core system. 

I want to age without sharp corners, and have an obedient heart!

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Yes, in one program it said they must be genuinely homeless and any "proof" given will be investigated. Sooo, maybe after the investigation they were found out, and thus their indignation. 

Such is why I do not, under any circumstances, give money. Never! Nor do I explain. If they ask I simply say "no." Notin a mean way...just a simple "no." Oh there are times when I'm harshly rebuffed, yes. As a matter of fact, there's a person who walks up and down the street, always in different clothes, begging. A couple times while in service he begins degrading me, saying "why is it Jehovah's witnesses never gives, etc"? I ignore him. Now he doesn't say anything anymore. 

One time, while at a fast food restaurant sitting not too far from a young woman, in walks a young man claiming he's hungry. Right. You know what I did right? Nothing. But she gave him a dollar. Couldn't say anything...she's grown and it's her money. 

But I knew he was a fool (in this case because he thinks he's going to continue being happy taking advantage of people). Well, the young woman left, and he began looking this way and that way...and left...without food...but of course.

One time a sister not new to NYC, and a couple of other friends and i were in a train station in service. A woman walks up begging. We knew her, but the sister from England did not. The sister asked me if i'll go with her to help the woman. Of course I did! We went inside a White Castle. The sister asked her what she wanted. "I WANT TWO CHEESEBURGERS, A LARGE FRY, AND A LARGE STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE!" The sister asked why so much. "I'M PREGNANT!" (She lied. Like I said...we knew her). 

Anyway, the sister and I went to the counter, she put the order in but not before she told the woman to have a seat. She ordered exactly what the woman wanted (though I tried to dissuade her). When the order came, the sister asked for a cup. She then proceeded to pour half the shake in the cup for her, put a few fries in a napkin for her along with a cheeseburger. Then we proceeded back to the woman, gave the food to the woman, with of course she complaining "WHERE'S MY FOOD?!" The sister answered with "I gave you your order" and we walked out. Once out the door I fell out!! :ecstatic:

I was so proud of my sister from England!!! 

I'll never forget it.

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