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UN and worldwide superbugs

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The high levels of AMR ( Antimicrobial resistance)  already seen in the world today are the result of overuse and misuse of antibiotics and other antimicrobials in humans, animals (including farmed fish), and crops, as well as the spread of residues of these medicines in soil, crops, and water. Within the broader context of AMR, resistance to antibiotics is considered the greatest and most urgent global risk requiring international and national attention.

Source: UN World Health Organisation - Media Centre


"For the first time, Heads of State committed to taking a broad, coordinated approach to address the root causes of AMR across multiple sectors, especially human health, animal health and agriculture. This is only the fourth time a health issue has been taken up by the UN General Assembly (the others were HIV, noncommunicable diseases, and Ebola). "


So the UN is recognising the critical nature of antibiotic resistant disease, now becoming a very serious concern in all the world.  Those early 20th century medical advances which seemingly wiped out deadly diseases have now run their course, and can't keep up with the resistant variants springing up.  Why? Because, again, due to human mismanagement in spreading the diseases:


  • Over-use of antibiotics in humans and animals
  • Waste-water treatment facilities not adequate in dealing with resistant bacteria which is excreted and flushed into the sewer system
  • Recycling so-called treated water for use in agriculture, and so the possibility of this entering our food supply


Can the UN do anything to stop this, apart from "awareness" campaign? Even "pharmaceutical companies are not showing enough interest in new drug discovery because often the time necessary for a strain of bacteria to develop resistance is shorter than the time needed to test and validate new drugs. " http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-09-22/superbugs-evolve-in-waste-water-and-could-end-up-in-our-food/7869586


Horses are riding....

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