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Oh No, Not Again - G4-H3H2 🦠

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So, we’re currently dealing with the Covid Situation right. I would like to turn your attention to the starting or the beginning of what may develop into another flu. We had the swine flu back in 2009. I’ve seen this new virus called by different names. Other names are: G4, G4-EA-H1N1, A/H1N1pdm09, H3N2v-COVID20. I’m sure someone is going to make an easier name for it. Like Covid, or Ronna. I wouldn’t be surprised if they called it Swine Flu again since it’s basically a form of the original strain just mutated and changed enough so the vaccine that we all got is well useless. I’ve been trying to get more information but it seems like everyone is documenting Covid Symptoms and are more focused on them. All the more reason to be safe, and stay inside. This is a developing situation more information to follow.








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The last swine flu killed people so quickly that it was counterproductive when it came to spread, if my memory serves me correctly. We’ll see about this new strain.

🎵“I have listened to Jesus in these troublesome days,

He lights up my path.

As I hear and obey.”

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Ok was waiting in the wings to make my 10,000th post count. Waves to humblebumblebee for letting me know!! LOL

This deserves it.


This has given me goosebumps and not good ones ... with the threats that China is facing ie: Possible dams bursting and current flooding horrors If this becomes community spread beyond what it is now I can see it getting out of hand as quickly or quicker than covid19 ... we thankfully have our spiritual foundation in place. It took approx 2 months for covid to start moving globally maybe more with this strain maybe less - people aren't traveling the same as they were precovid ... but if this is worse it won't take much either and with govts struggling to control covid there will be no resources or know how with this new one. I'm feeling so sorry for the Chinese people right now - the dust cloud has hit them as well ... things are about to go from really bad to much worse - cant even find the right words to give here.


The foremost urgings are as already been instructed - obey the governments and be over cautious rather than under cautious. Jehovah's organization is geared up and no matter how weird instructions seem from here on in ... it will be wise to heed even the smallest instruction. In the meeting last night Jesus told his disciples/apostles that they will be scattered to their homes ... maybe just maybe we too are being scattered to our homes just in time. 


Not looking forward to this moving onto the global scene and it may not but if it does, more chaos insues.

<p>"Jehovah chooses to either 'reveal' or 'conceal' - cherish what he reveals and be patient with what he conceals."

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