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stick insect and praying mantis

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How many people have these in your area?

I haven't seen a stick bug in many years or

a praying mantis in 10 and today I saw a huge

praying mantis on the outside wall of our Kingdom

Hall when we were mowing grass and when we got

home there was a little two inch long stick insect on our deck.

I read in some places the stick insects get to be 13 inches.

I was so thrilled.

Do you see neat little insects where you are?

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Awesome stick bug Vernalee!

I'm taking a picture of mine when I get it back

it's sleeping over at two little girls home from our Hall.

I'm not keeping it,it's just visiting with us a couple days then we're releasing it.

I did that with the garter snake my son caught and two incredibly

cute baby painted turtles.

I didn't want to have to keep feeding them,the stick bug already has eaten

half a leaf,it eats blackberry leaves,wierd huh?

The snake was super friendly,crawling all over us,and it kept sticking out it's

tongue on us but never tried to bite but then it

pooped out a mouse carcass while we had it and I told my son,time for him to go get

something more to eat from the swamp,where we caught him.

Isn't it just so incredible all the variety of life Jehovah has given us.Too wonderful for words.

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I've never seen a stick bug, but praying mantis are very common here (they are called "Gottesanbeterin" - worshipper of god).

Interesting,they look like they are praying.

We had our stick bug two weeks and it died.:cry:

I wanted it for a pet,it was eating well,lots of fresh blackberry

leaves and water,but sadly it went kaput.

I have to try for a new pet.My son found an enormous spider,not a

taranchula in Arizona last week.I'll put it's picture on the pictures post.

It's HUGE!

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I used to see walking sticks and praying mantis all the time as a kid in Mo. We had walnut trees and pear trees in my grandfathers yard. They were all over the place. Haven't seen a praying mantis in years. Think it was last year I saw a walking stick, not sure if I was here in Maine or somewhere else.

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