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You know, that after watching all the news outlets about relief being shipped in or flown in by the USA Gov., and other countries like France, England and then hearing Br. Anderson talk to the brothers from the branch offices who have already gotten to the Islands, Mexico, and Florida with food, medicine, and water supplies, clothes, and most of all spiritual encouragement and abundance more worth then all material possession, and yet, the containers from the world are sitting at the ports with food rotting inside of them because of government laws, and corruption.  But yet, Jehovah is taking care of his people, and others as well.  I really liked the 2nd (french coordination Br) who said that while down there, he had heard of 2 sister's who conducted a bible study, and the bible study (lady) was told by her neighbor "you can forget about getting any help from the witnesses."  But she really gave him a great witness and defended Jehovah's name and the friends, and not long after that, the brothers came and brought her a bag full of food and other supplies.  Jehovah has got things under control, so imagine after the G.T. and Armagadden, all these wonderful brothers and nothing can stop Jehovah from comforting our worldwide brotherhood!    Like out book study our donations come from the heart, and we are VERY CHEERFUL GIVERS!    We give no matter what our circumstances are, its all from the love for Jehovah  and Jesus, our love in action!  Jehovah loves us and takes care of his sheep and even those who are studying and defending him as no other! 

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This story was on Fox News this evening.  It talks about the mess at the port of Puerto Rico.  


Jehovah's people are already getting help and helping their members and others in the areas affected by Hurricane Maria.   They are not complaining and fight over words, they are peaceable, loving people who put their one and only trust in one person JEHOVAH GOD, and his very well put together organization!  Go to JW.Broadcast and watch the update on the islands, Mexico, Texas, and Florida.  The Witnesses already had things under control and have been taking care of their fellow brothers and sisters, and some that are not witnesses among them.  Maybe of pointing fingers, some in politics can take a good look on real organization and real love among themselves and to others.  They are getting food, water, medicine and clothing, and other necessitates that for others, their things are sitting in ports waiting to be delivered.    Nothing can stop Jehovah's care for his people.  He will always make a way to get what we all need.  In this case, the Islands, Texas, Mexico, and Florida need help and the help got there before the governments.  

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