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Catholic Church Quietly Selling Questionable Material:lol1:

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I didn't know that Weltbild is owned by the catholic church! I bought stuff from them in the past, and I never had the feeling that they are very catholic. Just another possibility to order stuff next to amazon.

EDA: I just checked some German websites and people are really offended about this!

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Thanks for the link. I went to the website, and from all appearances it was a lot like Amazon.com, only German. I did find this (awkwardly translated by Google):

From its Business page:



Cornerstone of the corporate culture

Responsibility to customers, shareholders, employees and the public characterizes the entrepreneurial thinking and action. Bring Christian worldview with the needs of the market convincingly in harmony, is the daily challenge. The orientation of values ​​is scale. Books and other media can contribute to make the world comprehensible. You can get answers to the questions of the whence and whither give, share knowledge, stimulate the imagination and give advice on questions and issues of everyday life. In addition to the active editor of the program selected catalog of offerings, the world's branches and on the editorial Web sites on the Internet, customers have the obvious access to the entire available range of wholesalers and KNV BOOKS. The shareholders of the publishing group picture of the world are 12 German Catholic dioceses, the Association of German Dioceses and the military chaplaincy Berlin.


And the company's list of books and other literature sold:



I didn't LOOK for porn, although I don't doubt that there are some offerings of that kind there, among a large number of other categories of literature, including apparently religious literature. Perhaps they don't make it easy to find, like, they would have a category listed there.

I suppose that I am also concerned about the breaking of their own vow of poverty, as they define it. Sure there are resplendent churches, etc. with collection plates which they use to support the churches. But this "Weltbild" is a business, with all of the bells and whistles of a business. And the shareholders, the owners, of the business are 12 dioceses, and a dioceses association, and a military chaplaincy..

Perhaps I misunderstand it, or perhaps their interpretation of the vow of poverty is so complicated that it allows for the church to make inroads into the business world without being taxed.

This is the Catholic Encyclopedia definition:


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