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Introduction to Matthew transcript

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I just finished this transcript of JW.org/en/publications/videos/#en/mediaitems/BibleBooks/pub-nwtsv_400_VIDEO. If anyone can double check my work for errors, it'd be appreciated:



Matthew was working as a tax collector in Capernaum when he was invited by Jesus to become a disciple. Later, after the Passover of 31 CE he was also chosen as one of the 12 apostles.


Matthew personally witnessed most of Jesus' three and a half year ministry. And around the year 41 CE, he was the first to write an account of Jesus' life and teachings. His account would eventually become one of the four Bible books--along with Mark, Luke, and John--known as the Gospels.


The Book of Matthew focuses on the time period between 2 BCE and 33 CE. It includes events just before Jesus' birth and ends with Jesus' command to "go... make disciples."


Did you know?

Although Matthew is the first book of the Christian Greek Scriptures, there is evidence that it was originally written in Hebrew. Some time later, Matthew himself may have translated his Gospel into Greek.


The book has been divided into 28 chapters. In the first 18 chapters, much of the content is arranged by subject, focusing on the teachings found in Jesus' public discourses. Starting in chapter 19 however, Matthew turns his attention to the last days of Jesus’ ministry and generally relates the events in the order that they happened.


About 40% of Matthew’s Gospel is unique, describing events and details not found in the other three Gospels. It begins with Abraham and lists the family line of Jesus through his adoptive father Joseph, proving that Jesus is the legal heir of King David.


It provides a thorough account of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, and it also includes many of Jesus’ illustrations, such as the wheat and the weeds, the pearl of high value, and the dragnet.


Matthew’s account greatly emphasizes that the theme of Jesus’ teaching was the Kingdom of the Heavens. To help readers identify Jesus as the promised Messiah, this book includes numerous direct quotes and references from many books in the Hebrew Scriptures. No wonder Matthew has been described as a bridge between the Hebrew and Christian-Greek Scriptures.


As you enjoy your study of Matthew, note

- how the Gospel establishes Jesus’ legal right to David’s throne.

- emphasizes Christ’s teachings

- and highlights God’s Kingdom.

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