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Theocratic memory game

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Hi friends!


I prepared a little 'home made' theocratic memory game that some of you may want to play with friends and family.

It is made of 72 cards of 36 pictures summarizing the Bible events (mostly picture of the my book).


Is it ok if I post it in this part of the forum ?

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So the first part of the game is like a standard Memory: mix all the cards and place them on a table with the pictures hidden. Then you start to find as many matching pairs as possible. You may decide that if one finds a pair he can directly try to find another one.


Then, when all the pairs have been found, you have to place all the pictures that you have on a list of 36 biblical texts describing the picture (from Genesis 1:1 to Rev 21:3-4). To play this part, throw the dice and read the text on the position of the number showed on the dice (ex: 3 = Gen 2:8, if the next player gets 6 = Job 2:8, next dice number is 4 = 1 Kings 10:1 etc). Of course you should only count the positions of the texts that are not covered with pictures.


The only problem is that the 3 pages with the biblical texts are in French, but it shouldn't be too complicated for those interested in this game to copy/paste the verses in their own language.


I didn't find a balanced way to determine who the winner is, so it is a good opportunity to practice Gal 6:4 "Let each one prove what his own work is, and then he will have cause for exultation in regard to himself alone, and not in comparison with the other person" !


I hope you'll enjoy it !

36 textes.docx

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Thank you so much for the game Jed!!


I have saved the files and thought those whose French is rusty I have done a cut and paste of the text pages into an English PDF.

Hoping this prints out okay - just be sure to select landscape and choose FIT so it doesn't print over the edges. 


Thanks again for putting this together! Something fun to play with all age groups .


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Here is another theocratic card game that I made a few years ago. It is based on the idea of "Families Game".

22 families of 3 Bible books and each card contain one interesting verse of the book (Nahum was not easy !).

Of course it is in French too… and it uses the verses of the present translation which is going to be changed soon… so there is going to be some work to do to replace the existing texts by the ones in your own language or the ones of the new translation...


Proposed rules:

1.       Distribute about 7 cards per person.  The rest of the cards stay as a reserve for the game.

2.       Player 1 asks to any other player he chooses (let us say Player 3) if he has a card he needs to complete one of the families he has. (ex:  he has Genesis from family 1 and he asks for Exodus)

3.       If Player 3 does not have Exodus, then Player 1 has to take one card from the reserve (When the reserve is finished, Player 3 can chose to give to Player 1 a card he want to get rid of). Then Player 3 takes the hand to complete one of his families.

4.       If Player 3 has the Exodus card, he has to announce the reference of the text shown on this card and read it by hiding one word and replacing it by "beep"

(In this case: Exodus 3:14 :

So God said to Moses: “I Will Become What I "Beep" to Become.” And he added: “This is what you are to say to the Israelites, ‘I Will Become has sent me to you.’”)

(Player 3 can choose the hidden word according to the age or ability of Player 1).

5.       If Player 1 finds the hidden word, he receives the Exodus card and he can ask for another card to any other player.

6.       If Player 1 does not find the hidden word, he has to do like in point 3.

7.       The winner is the player having the higher number of families.

Of course you can change the rules to make the game tougher or easier according to the abilities of the players…


Hope you'll have fun with this one :)



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On 12/23/2017 at 4:57 AM, yedidia said:

So the first part of the game is like a standard Memory: mix all the cards and place them on a table with the pictures hidden. Then you start to find as many matching pairs as possible.


Sorry if this is a dumb question: In the three sets of cards to print, there are no duplicates, are there?  So we print out doubles?  I think this is a great game, memory game with a twist!


Merci à Jed, and thank you to Jenny for helping us :) 

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Glad I could help! :)  Looking forward playing - need to pick up some decent printer paper and topping up on some of my printer colors

I currently have no little people who are allowed to play ~ so I could do some practising on my own - I could use a little help with the memory game. :)


I also look forward to the other game Jed posted.  I will set aside some time to translate that into English and share when done - Thanks Jed!

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Thanks so much for sharing Jed!! Attached is the English version of the game.    Happy to be able to share the game with our English families.

I had typed a whole lot of other stuff but one wrong key stroke and a flickering of power and it was all gone! :huh:


So I will cut to the chase and share before I lose this too - NOTE:  Be sure to select LANDSCAPE when printing - I had done a couple runs and the card stock (67LB) worked out nice - but regular paper totally does the job too!  If you have little people to help you cut the sheets - a family project - 9 pages - our youngest grandson (5) that confidently announced  he could totally cut granddad's hair - I know he would be a good helper for these.


Having a made a few test copies (Jed - I made sure to include your instructions on the last page since there was room)  I now have a couple sets tucked in separate envelopes along with the last one - the instructions - can be folded into four to allow you to wrap it all with a small elastic band.

I have tucked a couple in separate "go bags" It will be a welcome distraction should the time come.


Many thanks Jed for sharing!!!


PS - again - I fit this in between other tasks - if you come across errors please let me know so I can correct.


cartes-familles ENGLISH.pdf



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20 hours ago, hatcheckgirl said:

So we print out doubles?

yes exactly!

19 hours ago, NW2018 said:

I currently have no little people

...well maybe better so ! the kids are so much better with memorising the spot where they saw the second card :( ! they allways winn !

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On 22/12/2017 at 6:35 PM, yedidia said:

(mostly picture of the my book)


Sorry this is wrong, my memory is realy bad... I should have played more often with my game :wacko: !


most of the pictures come from the bm brochure (message of the Bible), and refering to this brochure will help to understand what some the pictures really show, what they refer to ! Because some of them are not very vivid...

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