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Las Vegas Trip

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We had a full day in Vegas. I took a pic of a "building", I have no idea what it is but I think it resembles the 911 tragedy. Maybe someone could set me straight.



And we went to the Clark County Museum, how wonderful. Had such a great time.

This is a type of wolf they had on exhibit, Dire Wolf. It didn't growl so I assumed it was stuffed!



We ended our jaunt by going to this BBQ/Meat Market, John Mull's Road Kill Grill.

I've wanted to go here for about 3 years. We weren't disappointed, not AT ALL! I have enough left over for a snack tonight and again for breakfast!

And it was only 12.50 per person! Smokin' deal. (pun intended!:D)


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I have never been to the Road Kill Grill - https://www.google.com/maps/place/John+Mull's+Meats+%26+Road+Kill+Grill/@36.2263233,-115.2176933,14.92z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x80c8ea12aeca4315:0xdf8def154dac82bf!8m2!3d36.227164!4d-115.211475


I'll have to check it out.


As for the deranged building, believe it or not, it is a Brain Center called "Keep Memory Alive".



It was interesting watching them build it. It is right next to the County Government Building - which is a Pyramid shaped building.

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When I first heard about that BBQ joint on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives I was totally captivated. And I think I mentioned it to you Jerry, maybe you and your wife would go check it out for me and see how it was was. Looks like I beat you to it! If you go you certainly won't be disappointed, and the folks there are absolutely awesome they sure love their job

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(I really didn't want to make a whole topic about our Vegas trip, truly. It just worked out that way I guess)


I wanted to go on a helicopter tour this trip but it looks like we can't get on one, sigh. Oh well, still on my bucket list.


Since getting here Monday we've been sightseeing like mad and going to museums, I'm bushed and wanted a day in. But at 9:30 this morning Lew looks at me like a trapped puppy, he needs, N.E.E.D.S to go do something, which means I have to go do something:uhhuh:. His decision was to go to Laughlin, a 2 hour journey one way. Oh ya, I want to spend 4-5 hours in the car plus sightseeing, a big nope. So I made some calls and got him a tee time for noon at Boulder Creek Course. What a great time.



Lew loves to golf, Me? Not so much. Here's my golf game..



We got paired up with a father and son who live in Vegas. They were very nice men, had an enjoyable time. Lew got a lot of walking in and burned off some of that energy he had.



All in all we spent 5 hours on his golf day, he is so sore and tired and so happy, a very happy man.

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The building I really was interested in was the place where the Mob Museum was. The building was a post office and it really looked like ours in Astoria, Oregon. I tried to find pics online but couldn't find any that did it justice. I work there and it's really a spectacular  building, much like the beautiful architecture of the one in Vegas. Many, many similarities. It was build in the 30's.  I'll take some pics when I get back home.

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7 hours ago, trottigy said:

We just biked the Red Rock loop Monday.


It's worth going to see.  :thumbsup:




Just looked that up, only 20 minutes from where we are. Did you do the 13 mile loop? Perfect weather for it. I just love it here, not the strip and it's madness, but the atmosphere, dryness, just the look of it all.

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9 minutes ago, bagwell1987 said:


Just looked that up, only 20 minutes from where we are. Did you do the 13 mile loop? Perfect weather for it. I just love it here, not the strip and it's madness, but the atmosphere, dryness, just the look of it all.

Do you plan on going to the Valley of Fire?

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2 hours ago, Tortuga said:

Do you plan on going to the Valley of Fire?


I thought we'd seen that until I looked it up. I think it might be a good thing for tomorrow. (Today we recovered by staying in and reading and Lew watched MASH on TVLand.)

I Googled it and it only just over 1 hour from here. Not a problem, thanks Richard. We were wondering what to do tomorrow, we can only take so much of people, and there's a lot of people here.

I'll take pictures. :)

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7 minutes ago, Dove said:

Nice to get away from the cold..


Boy you got that right, guess it was in the 30's and low 40's and pouring rain while we were gone. Lew says it's supposed to be nice when we get home. Make going home easier. Brother Chuck been staying at the house, he says he's all settled in and can't we stay another week:D

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