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Need your strong criticism to make it look good

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I made a yeartext for my two former congregation. Instead of sending them money, it would be better if I would do it here for the reason of convenience ( they are living in the provinces and if I let the elders do it, it would take time by commuting to an hour or two to the best printing shop and the result is not that good as what I expected.

Give me your constructive criticism. I need your opinion prior to sending it to print next Monday. Your opinion is highly appreciated.

Merci :)

[spoiler=Click if you want to see :) The yeartext is in Cebuano, language spoken in the mid and southern part of the Philippines]


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Just so you understand, this is my job. I do these things for a living. I'm not intending to be harsh but, you asked for it ;)

Overall it looks very nice. I personally would find it a little distracting or "too much." However, that's the culture I live in. I'm a white brother from the United States. We aren't that flashy. Giving the cultural background of the congregations it is for, I'm sure it's fine.

Now, on with the critique.

As stated above, the - Juan 17:17 is too large. I would suggest shrinking the size so that it is the same length as Kamato in the word above.

I would choose a different font for - Juan 17:17. Maybe something a little more traditional like Times New Roman or Century Schoolbook. Actually, it may look good if you use the same font for all of it. Try that and see.

Definitely put a space between the dash and the Juan. Right now they are too close together. They should not touch like they do now.

The body of the yeartext looks beveled and the - Juan 17:17 is outlined. Don't use the bevel on the yeartext. Simply outline everything the same way you outlined - Juan 17:17. It will be easier to read from a distance. The yeartext should pop out and right now it's not going to pop out so much, especially when seen from the opposite end of the room.

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I agree with the previous advice. I'm pretty experienced with Photoshop and the first thing that jumped out at me is the distortion of the flowers. The red flower is squished and the white flowers are stretched. I also agree that it would be easier to read if the background was a bit lighter. I think it's neat that you get to make your own year texts. At our KH we have glass mounted with a wooden frame and the lettering is vinyl stickers that we change each year. We have English, Spanish, Russian and Karen (Burmese) texts.

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The quotes thing is in my mind few weeks ago but I completely forgot about it, sad thing I need to do it again because I raster the layer already. Thank you for the site. The background picture is originally 1024X1280 pixels and I just stretch it to fit the 2ft X 4ft.

Maybe next year I can use the site as a source.

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