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Religious publication promoting healthy living pronounced extremist

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by JW-Media.org | For Immediate Release | November 18, 2011 | (Russian)

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia—In a clandestine hearing, the Makarov District Court (Sakhalin region) found nine publications of Jehovah’s Witnesses, including a tract entitled Comfort for the Depressed, to be extremist. The copyright owner of the publications was not invited to participate in the court proceedings and claims a violation of its “right to a fair trial” as stipulated by Article 6 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

On October 18, 2011, Judge Olga Tereschenko issued the ruling in favor of the claim filed by Prosecutor Sergey Aleksandrov. However, the decision was not publicized by the prosecutor’s office until November 11. Among the nine publications declared to be extremist are the tracts entitled Who Are Jehovah’s Witnesses?, Jehovah—Who Is He?, Jesus Christ—Who Is He?, and All Suffering Soon to End!

Anton Omelchenko, legal counsel for the copyright owner, stated: “It is hard to comprehend the fact that the court pronounced as extremist a publication (Comfort for the Depressed) that exclusively encourages physical exercise, eating wholesome food, getting fresh air, sufficient rest and reading God’s Word. It appears that the court can pronounce any publication as extremist.”

Article Source: JW-Media.org


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i donot want to be rude bob but these russians are getting to me .this is so boring and diheartening

Imagine living through it :eek:

Lets keep them in our prayers, eh?

Plan ahead as if Armageddon will not come in your lifetime, but lead your life as if it will come tomorrow (w 2004 Dec. 1 page 29)





Soon .....


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Clandestine hearing, not public and no defense. Smacks terribly of Soviet Stalin style tactics once again. Satan must really be concerned about the expansion of the good news coverage inside Russia and is now resorting back to what he knows best,intimidation and persecutions. May Jehovah bless our dear brothers and strengthen them as we know the end of this tired old system is not far off.

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The Russian Orthodox Church is obviously the more repressive. At least in a court you might get a hearing to some degree but with the Church you are automatically condemned. Stalin might have sent the brothers to the Gulags but they came out as a group. If the Russian Orthodox Church had their way we would never be allowed to live. They hate the truth as it exposes them for what they are. At least Stalin had an excuse in ignorance to some extent.

Still, in the end Jehovahs' Name will be glorified like it has never been before.All we need to do is endure and support our brothers, especially in prayer as that is the strongest show of solidarity we can give them knowing nothing in this system compares to Jehovahs' Spirit.

What a great day Jehovahs' Day will be!

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