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Hello dear brothers and sisters.


Tonight after coming back from my shop,

I was taking a shower when soap went into my eyes and I got a burning sensation. (obviously)


Immediately I used water .


While I was pouring water over my eyes, I just thought like how amazing this water is.


And then I thought if water wouldn't have been there, what else could I have used to remove the burning soap from my eyes.? No idea.


Not only that, I have always felt water as very unique .


Humans have taken water as granted but I doubt whether they can create water using two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.




Also Pls read slowly and try to enjoy the article in this link. I am sure you will glorify Jehovah God more.





Have you admired Water- H2O ....?










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I use natural soap with essential oils; haven't had eyes burned when showering for many years.  (And they lather up pretty well, too!) :)


Point is:  I appreciate this divine gift of water very much and thank our Creator every day for this along with food, shelter, etc.,)

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Last year I came across a brief video that was explaining how "water" is proof of intelligent design. The video was actually made in order to promote a book that was written just about water and intelligent design. The video had good points of reasoning, I will try to find it and post it. Of course the FDS has known about the amazing design of water for years. Here are some outstanding points made about water, including how water has a "skin", like Mandi mentioned. Water is finely tuned for life! 



*** g 2/09 p. 6 The Liquid of Life ***
WATER is an enigma. It is both simple and complex. Each molecule comprises just three atoms—two of hydrogen and one of oxygen. Yet, scientists still do not fully understand how water molecules work. What we all know, though, is that water is essential to life, making up about 80 percent by weight of all living things. Consider just five attributes of this amazing substance.
1. Water can store a lot of heat without a substantial rise in temperature, thus helping to moderate climate.
2. Water expands when it freezes, causing ice to float and form an insulating layer. If, like other substances, water became more dense as it froze, the lakes, the rivers, and the seas would solidify from the bottom up, entombing everything in ice!
3. Water is highly transparent, enabling light-dependent organisms to survive at considerable depths.
4. Water molecules produce surface tension, creating an elastic “skin.” This tension enables insects to scamper about on a pond, causes water to form into droplets, and contributes to the capillary effect, which helps water to hydrate the tallest plants.
5. Water is the most efficient solvent known. It is able to carry in solution oxygen, carbon dioxide, salts, minerals, and many other vital substances.

*** w86 1/15 p. 16 par. 5 Regaining Power, Not Tiring Out ***
From the finite to the infinite, the display of Jehovah’s creative power is awesome! For example, consider the building blocks from which all matter, including us, is constructed—atoms. They are so tiny that a drop of water contains 100 billion billion atoms 



I found the video! Here is the link:


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