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Living with a smoke stack below your home

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How do I begin...to tell the story of the smoke stack beneath my wings?  For years puffy below me has kept her smoking to a minimum.  One day, last spring, I wanted to invite her to the memorial.  So I went downstairs to her unit and we spoke.  She was nice and took the invitation.    I gave her some info and offered her a ride if needed (I was going to sacrifice her cigarette smelly clothes in my car) but alas, the day of the memorial she placed a robo call to me, and this weird voice said "thank you for the invitation, but the party that was invited can not come."  it was a really weird phone call and message.   Since then her smoking has gotten out of hand and within these past months including horrible July and now moving in to August, it is like she is on a rampage!    I live above her in a condo, and it seems to me that every where she hears my foot steps or that of my dog, she comes and stands directly where I am sitting or standing and puffs away.  The stench is horrible, the usual affects such as choking, gagging, nausea, and migraine headaches and on top of it all the illness that I have prior to her rampage.  


Now, I was advised by the BOA of my community, that in the by-laws is a section that says that if a person who lives in the community and they smoke, they must keep their stench out of the other person's home.   Well, I took advantage of that and had the BOA send her a notice.  It just stated that her cigarette smoke was undermining the peace of the other person living in the building.  That she was to step outside on her porch and smoke away.   Well like today, the selfish apathetic individuals, it went in one ear and came out the other.  No do.  So the BOA sent her a 2nd letter which threaten fine.   Well I understand she called the BOA and "SWORE" she was outside smoking and not in her home.  Well Jehovah has eyes and he had her exposed yesterday, where she had parked her suv at another parking lot and played Home But Hiding!   You can't believe all the prayers said from the brothers and  sisters about this matter.  But so far, Jehovah is allowing it to continue.  My home is no longer pleasant, I can not longer invite anyone (cause they get sick from the smell themselves), every material thing in my home has been ruined, my clothes stink, my sheets, my winter coats, everything in the home.   These condo's were built without installation in the walls and the floor is noise residence but not smoke residence.  


I know there are many of you who may have a similar problem, how do you cope and does anyone of you have a really good hepa filter you trust and know that really works.  I can't have an Ionzier, cause they put out Ozone issues which I can't take the smell of that.   I did try talking to her about this for at least 7 years and instead of getting better it just gets worse.  I know we are close to the end of this Satanic world, so to me I feel it as persecution and the hating of Jehovah's name.    Some friends want me to sell my home, others say I should purchase filters.  Well selling is not a option for me cuz I can't afford another single or apartment (where in my state, they passed the "medical marijuana" law last month.  Which means big trouble for all who don't want that kind of stench in their homes!   Really the safest place for me is the Kingdom Hall but there is no room to stay, and weekend friends that let me stay at their home, and of course there is always my vehicle.   With some condo's there is a clause that says no noxious fumes or odors of any sort are to disturb the peace of other units.    It even says to take it outside.  I don't know of people cooking broccoli without a vent, the veggie stinks too.  But no one has ever reported broccoli as 2nd hand smoke!  


So what are some of your suggestions?  FYI/I am disabled and cannot go up and down zillions of steps, my condo's have no elevator, in the buildings.  The BOA told me they are "thinking" of fining her.  But that was 2 weeks ago and no one has heard beans.  Since its Satan doing the attacking against Jehovah through me, cause I am his servant.  Hepa?  Sell, go to frying pan?  Or live homeless?  Senior housing is a joke in Maryland!  Give me some ideas???? friends.... thank you

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I cannot tolerate smoke of any kind. I will get pneumonia. There’s fires out here, and I’m using a mask when I go out. The Tribe provided up,with those stand alone hepa filters. Go on Amazon. I almost got one for my friend, I’m visiting, but her daughter brought one over. A breathe of fresh air!

If it were all that bad, I’d get two. At home, we have one for upstairs, and downstairs. They work!

I want to age without sharp corners, and have an obedient heart!

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21 hours ago, Miss Bea said:

I cannot tolerate smoke of any kind. I will get pneumonia. There’s fires out here, and I’m using a mask when I go out. The Tribe provided up,with those stand alone hepa filters. Go on Amazon. I almost got one for my friend, I’m visiting, but her daughter brought one over. A breathe of fresh air!

If it were all that bad, I’d get two. At home, we have one for upstairs, and downstairs. They work!

Bea, do your filters have  a name and what kind are they?  Are they hepa filters washable or you have to purchase filters?  Or do you have or got Ionzier's?  I need to know cause I have one I bought years ago and when she started to smoke up a storm in July/August, I ran that Ionzier, and both filters are black.  I ordered replacements ASAP.  They aren't cheap!    Thanks for the heads up on these air purifiers, cause I need to purchase another one quickly, but want to know  what kind do you have or what did the daughter bring you?   Bea, your taking all precautions with this fire, I heard today on the news another one got started near Los Angeles (outskirts in the mountains).  Where I live we have and will be drowning in rain water, and the west is half a dust bowl and flames!   You and the friends out there be really careful and thank you for your post! 

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So, sorry you are going through this sis...



What about these plants!  I have some that plants in the basement that Nasa recommend - 

I truly have notice a difference over the years.  It works for me in keeping the air cleaner - I could not stand the smell of my basement!
















And...mother in law tongue is one of the top plants


I better stop now...😶:uhhuh:


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