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Biblical finds

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The December issue of the National Geographic contains an interesting record about Bible hunters, discoverers, researchers, and collectors. And also what they found:




To be honest, though, it also points out some of the corruption going on in the Bible discovery business, shady practices that show up these "Christians" as being less than what they claim.



Green, for his part, seems philosophical about his prize acquisitions. “You would hope it would be different in the biblical world,” he says. “But as it turns out, like in any other business, there are some shady people just trying to make a buck. All you can do is learn from your mistakes and not do business with them anymore.”


Also, how do you catalog and translate virtually thousands of pages of newly discovered manuscripts? Who does all the work?



“About 80 percent of already known manuscripts that would be of help for New Testament scholarship aren’t published yet,” says Father Olivier-Thomas Venard of the École Biblique et Archéologique Française, a Dominican research center in Jerusalem. “It’s an embarrassment of riches,” adds Venard’s colleague Father Anthony Giambrone, “which frankly makes the challenges of textual criticism insurmountable. There are just not enough specialists to work on them.”


However, they are thinking of new, innovative ways to get all the work done. All in all, the article is a positive view on searchers of Bible truth. It's a long read, but worth the effort.

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Actually this was also brought out in the documentary "Patterns of Evidence - Exodus" - By Tim Mahoney,

The archealogists - at least some of them - when faced with evidence of the Exodus were asked why don't they write about these findings ... they blatantly said: They would have to rewrite everything they've written. It's pride stopping the publishing of many aspects of evidence proving the bible to be true. There are also of course, those who either don't want to see or can't see the truth.


That documentary and the book that goes along with it in Amazon goes hand in hand with your findings ... I am certain that Psalms 83:18 is going to be proven in a very tangible way even before the outbreak of the GT



<p>"Jehovah chooses to either 'reveal' or 'conceal' - cherish what he reveals and be patient with what he conceals."

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