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The Best Architecture In The Past, Present and Beyond

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I would imagine the temple Solomon built for Jehovah was the most beautiful structure ever built. Architecturally and technological wise it was ahead of its time. I can only imagine the types of buildings and architecture that will be used will be the most amazing things we ever seen and built.


How peaceful to be in such a beautiful place in a paradise. There will be no limit to creativity. We are builders.


We are creating these structures from the 1860 to early 1900s and way before, I'm beyond amazed at the architecture and the technology to do that in the time period, just wow. The list goes on and on and on. The time seems futuristically classical. Like why build these huge buildings?


City Hall Post Office New York - 1905



The Parthenon (Pallas Athena) Tennessee Centennial Exposition - Nashville, Tennessee 1897



Old City Hall - Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1912



The Dresden Frauenkirche Lutheran Church - Dresden, Germany 1945



Northwestern Guaranty Loan Building - Minneapolis, MN 1905



Boston Post Office & Subtreasury, 1885



Singer Building, New York City 1909



Ponce Parlors: 1890



Fountain of Frogs: 1897



Ponce de Leon Hotel: 1897



The Ponce: 1905



Philadelphia City Hall, Philadelphia



San Francisco’s 1898 Call Building



Cathedral in Chartres, France



Regensburg Cathedral, Regensburg Germany



Walhalla - Regensburg, Germany 1900




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Jehovah tells “from the beginning the finale, and from long ago the things that have not been done.” (Isaiah 46:9, 10)

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I can't name all the buildings I think look interesting/nice/clever/beautiful/advanced ...


However, there are buildings from history that can only be seen in photos or artist renderings because they are no longer standing that looked quite amazing.


Likewise, many buildings that are still standing look quite nice - even if some of the "modern" renovations take some of their endearing qualities away. (look at how the Stanley Theater looked before we "restored" it)


There are also some very modern buildings that are a wonder of design ans technology


Then again, there are other buildings, old and new, that are just plain ugly and should be demolished


Some of the older train stations in the US are some really nice looking architecture - it's a shame that some of them have been destroyed by "modernization" and architects that want to leave "their" mark on the building instead of honoring the design the original architect created. Grand Central Terminal in New York and Penn Station in Philadelphia (30th St Station) are a couple of good examples.


It makes me wonder what we will design in the New System - I do not think we will quit building or designing ... and I hope we will still have trains :thumbsup:

"Let all things take place decently and by arrangement."
~ 1 Corinthians 14:40 ~

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The architecture I've seen in Europe stuns me with its beauty.  From the ancient ruins built along classical Greek lines, and Roman structures still standing, they amaze me.  The Pantheon in Rome, Renaissance palaces, and even the beauty and design qualities of the Gothic and Renaissance churches is just a foregleam of what is possible under divine guidance.  And a touch of whimsy, like a Gaudi, would be fun too.



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I just heard this on the news for our area:


Seems there is a "historic" church building in our area that is being cited as "one of the first to integrate" some 40 years ago (of course, they didn't mention that the KH was integrated before this church). It has been sitting empty for quite a number of years. It is in total disrepair and rodents have infested it. Some of the annexes to the main building are falling down. Even the homeless quit using it because it was in such bad shape.I think it was an Episcopal church since the Episcopal Diocese in Jacksonville is the one making the decisions about it.


They decided to demolish it. They started the demolition today - that is why it was on the news. After sitting unused and deteriorating for many, many years - when the decision was made to demolish it, there were some who tried to have it declared "Historic" so it couldn't be demolished.


The decision as to it's being declared historic was not going to be rendered until after Jan 1. By starting the demolition today - it is too late.


Funny how people don't care about an old, dilapidated building until the owner decides to demolish it - then they cry "historic" and try to prevent the demolition :nope:



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"Let all things take place decently and by arrangement."
~ 1 Corinthians 14:40 ~

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