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Happy Meal? Sorry Ronny

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This means after Armageddon as we are cleaning up the rubble from the destroyed cities, we can send any hamburgers that we come across to Jerry, since that will be the last meat he will ever get to eat! :lol2:

AWESOME!!! wait - how will you know my address????? :popcorn:

I know - look for the large BBQ billboard inviting everyone from JWTALK. I'll leave a message on it :rockon:

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Why don't McDonald's hamburgers decompose?

So why don't fast food burgers and fries decompose in the first place? The knee-jerk answer is often thought to be, "Well they must be made with so many chemicals that even mold won't eat them." While that's part of the answer, it's not the whole story.

The truth is many processed foods don't decompose and won't be eaten by molds, insects or even rodents. Try leaving a tub of margarine outside in your yard and see if anything bothers to eat it. You'll find that the margarine stays seems immortal, too!

Potato chips can last for decades. Frozen pizzas are remarkably resistant to decomposition. And you know those processed Christmas sausages and meats sold around the holiday season? You can keep them for years and they'll never rot.

With meats, the primary reason why they don't decompose is their high sodium content. Salt is a great preservative, as early humans have known for thousands of years. McDonald's meat patties are absolutely loaded with sodium -- so much so that they qualify as "preserved" meat, not even counting the chemicals you might find in the meat.

To me, there's not much mystery about the meat not decomposing. The real question in my mind is why don't the buns mold? That's the really scary part, since healthy bread begins to mold within days. What could possibly be in McDonald's hamburger buns that would ward off microscopic life for more than two decades?

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/030074_Happy_Meal_decompose.html#ixzz1kc4ZtaEV

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Ava--that's scarey. I always have to throw bread away because it molds so quickly--we don't use alot of bread--and we don't like it once it has been frozen. Thanks for posting that.

The stuff that we eat is awful, really, really is. I have been learning more and more about his stuff the last few years, and it is scary. I always get a kick out of ones who bash McDonalds, but yet they go to Burger King or Wendy's or some other place thinking those are so much better, lol.

So much food at the grocery stores are bad for us to.

I could go on and on about this, but I won't, lol.

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I don't like fast food restaurants at all. I always prefer properly cooked food. Even 'pub-grub' can be lousy - there are some where I wouldn't eat locally and others where the chef is very good and the food is freshly cooked.

There are a couple of restaurants which my wife and I like and the food is excellent, but at home we don't eat processed foods. Meat comes frozen from a Scottish supplier (also supplies the Queen!) http://www.donaldrussell.com/ and fish is bought from a local fishmonger where I can inspect it first. Vegetables fresh from the market where I can choose my own. It may cost a little more, but the taste is superb and as my mum used to say "If you like it, it isn't expensive".

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