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UN Veto by Russia/China on Syria

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The British spoof online newspaper has a good take on this:

UN deadlocked over Arab-killing rights


THE United Nations Security Council remains deadlocked over which countries are allowed to kill Arab civilians.

Russia and China have vetoed a plan which would have stopped Syrian President Bashar al-Assad shelling the city of Homs, setting a dangerous precedent of allowing Arabic leaders to kill their own people and threatening Western domination of the Arab extermination market.

Experts believe the veto signals a challenge to the long-held British and American monopoly of Arab slaughter and that the Chinese now plan to move aggressively into this lucrative field.

A US State Department spokesman said: "Ten years ago it was the French trying to stop our invasion of Iraq, which has since proved to be an unprecedented, decade-long bloodbath of success.

"Now we're supposed to watch Arabs murdered in the streets by guns, mortars, and rockets at the hands of the Syrian Army when they could be humanely executed by remote control. And we're not even sure they're killing the right Arabs."

A Foreign Office spokesman said: "We've been killing Arabs since the 11th Century and all of a sudden we're supposed to ask for permission? Are we supposed to ask for permission to go to the toilet as well?"

The US spokesman added: "We have to fight constantly for Israel's right to kill any Arabs that look at them funny, and now this.

"Sometimes I wonder if the UN wants us to kill any Arabs at all."

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A sister asked during Service if it was the US or the UN in control of Syria. And, that the FDS was going to do an article on it soon. For the first time in my life I had no comment and was quite surprised about her question until I noticed your post.

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Russia is Syria's ruler's ally and is supplying the tanks and weapons to bombard Homs. The Western countries say they support the 'rebels' yet do not really know who these rebels are. Other countries look on and say that if the leader goes Syria, will descend into tribal warfare like so many other countries where the ruler/dictator kept a sort of peace before they were forced to go. We neutrally observe and note that there again is no answer from human sources to the plight of the people.

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