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Fun Star Wars Fan Theories...

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So, I wanted to start a thread on some the of the fan theories regarding star wars that have been considered more fun.

One of the favorite ones I like to entertain, especially when watching The Clone Wars, is the "Jar Jar is really a sith" theory. I don't think it's necessarily true, but it's funny to think of, especially in some of the episodes where he's just so serendipitous in his clumsiness


Jar Jar Binks as a Sith | Futurama Fry / Not Sure If ...


Then there's the E.T. and Star Wars are in a shared universe theory, and E.T. might be force sensitive. This I actually think is at least plausible. I believe the film E.T. had some of the same people associated with it as Star Wars:


Then there's the theory set out by The Film Theorists that it's the Jedi that are actually evil, and that Anakin had it right:


It's not really my perspective, but I thought it was interesting to think about.
Anyone have any fan theories they like to explore. I find Star Wars has so many more of them than a lot of franchises.

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To explain the Jedi.... and evil, is a deeper topic than people realise on the surface.


They are not evil but they became corrupt, extreme and politicised. People don't realise the Jedi are based on a combination of Samurai, Crusader Knights and Christianity. In this Lucas mirrored the concept of them starting out as "true" Jedi and then becoming what they shouldn't be, by means of involvement in politics and becoming very pharisee-like.


The original Jedi Code is "Emotion yet peace, ignorance yet knowledge, passion yet serenity, choas yet harmony, death yet the Force". So the original teachings and concepts were not about rejecting emotions, not having attachments and so on, but keeping them "in check" for the greater good, and not using wild emotions with the Force (ie the Darkside).


However, in the EU, starting with the Jedi Master Odan Urr a few thousand years before the Prequels, but a couple thousand after the original formation of the Jedi, the Jedi became paranoid of the Darkside, and felt just having emotions and attachments "at all" was too much of a risk, so they changed the code, and it became" there is NO emotion..." and so on.... and all the detachment stuff was introduced into the Order, the banning of love, marriage, etc. But the irony of this is that the Jedi lost their compassion and empathy, the reason the Jedi existed in the first place, to use their powers to help people because they "cared", as a result they became bound to codes, regulations, robotic duty.  Much like the Jews and their obsession with ritual, washing hands and so on and it causing them to mock Jesus. And they lacked in emotional understanding, becoming cold and distant, to the point where even Yoda said to Anakin "let go of people you love, dont't mourn over their deaths" which is unnatural. And it drove him into Palpatine's arms, because the Sith "utterly" give into to their emotions to the point of selfishness, so he traded one extreme over the other, because it was to him.. the only "other" option, the state of affairs for the Jedi became polarised.


It's also why they became "deaf to the Force" in the Prequels, why they couldn't sense what was going on, as Yoda said, they were blind to the Darkside. But it's because "emotion" is a component of the Force, they had closed themselves off, it was "negative" emotion they had to avoid, not things like love and compassion.


So the Jedi became not evil.. but blinded by dogma which originated from extremism and paranoia, which ironically...  is not the way of the Jedi. So in the original EU, when Luke made the new Jedi Order, he wasn't "reforming" it when he allowed marriage, love and so on, in reality, he was "restoring" true Jedism.

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In addition, when some people (fans included) talk about "the Balance of the Force" and say the Jedi and Sith were wrong and Anakin brought balance by all the things he did as Vader by making sure only Obiwan, Yoda, himself and Palpatine were left, they don't know that they are talking about.


Often people say "balance is Dark and Light made equal", or "balance means "two Jedi two Sith", but that is as some would use the phrase "a very blue-pilled" view of SW. It lacks understanding of Lucas' creation, his own statements on the Force and what "balance" actually means.


Firstly,  the "math" doesn't work out, because there are more than just Jedi and Sith to the universe (many Force users exist light and dark, and this was in fact the only "good" part of The Last Jedi, Luke's speech that the idea that the Jedi and the Sith "own the Force" and without them "the light and dark is gone", is vanity).





But more importantly, balance according to Lucas, is "all Light" and the Darkside is the "corruption" of the Force caused by people abusing it and tapping into the "energy of death and destruction". The Darkside is underlying, it's not meant to be "touched" or brought into realilty upon the living universe. The Force is the energy between all life, and when things die that energy feeds into the Force, which in turn feeds life, a cycle. With no Force there is no life, with no life there is no Force.


So, that's why the Jedi code says "there is no death" because they believe in an "afterlife", however they fight evil because pain, suffering, unjustice, creates what they call "wounds" in the Force, Darkside tears in the fabric of space, time and the Force. The type of thing Obiwan felt in ANH when Alderaan was blown up. These wounds damage the Force, blocks the way to the "afterlife" and as a result there is nothing but "blackness" left, emptiness. The Darkside is selfishness and ultimately it's end game is empty nihlism. So the more pain and evil in the universe, the more Darkside, the more the Force is damaged, to the point where there is no afterlife, no Force and no life either, as all of them interplay together, but require "peace and tranquilty" to be dominant.


So, the whole balance is "light and dark equal" is flat out wrong. It's the balance between "life and death", the energy of life (the Force) and the living, being in harmony as the cycle of life flows on "naturally", not through destruction, pain and chaos (hence the line of the Jedi code of chaos and harmony). The Darkside is "always" corrupting, it's like drugs, it peverts all it touches, and it's why those who use it the most end up with messed up, grey decaying skin and so on (like the Emperor). Darksiders destroy the universe in their vain quest of power and unreachable immortalilty in the realm of the physical. There is only the Force or the Darkside, there is no inbetween, no balance of those energies, such an idea is misunderstanding of the concept of "balance in the Force" and is a "corruption" that has lead every single Jedi who believed in that, to the path of evil. (Which is meant to represent the Bible verse about the table of God and the table of Demons).

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As a side note, this misudnerstanding on "balance" is one of the things in that scene I posted that Rian Johnson also got wrong. They have not read ot understood Lucas' source materials or statements on the subject, but have fell for the common misunderstanding that polutes a large portion of the fandom as they are too focused on the "literal words" of "balance", not realising it's true definition as laid out by GL.

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I always considered that the way Anakin was bringing balance to the force was by fathering Luke and Leia - together they could bring the balance ... but Yoda's teachings got in the way.


"Let all things take place decently and by arrangement."
~ 1 Corinthians 14:40 ~

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25 minutes ago, Qapla said:

I always considered that the way Anakin was bringing balance to the force was by fathering Luke and Leia - together they could bring the balance ... but Yoda's teachings got in the way.


Yeah the balance prophecy has always been a weird one. Full of contradictions. Since we know Darksiders still cause trouble for the galaxy after the end of ROTJ, in both Disney and the original EU.


Some led it to a "mistaken understanding" of the prophecy. I came up with my own theory that maybe the prophecy was a Sith lie, invented to trick the Jedi, as we know Anakin was actually created by Palpatine in the books.


So this here was my little fun take on the whole thing.



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