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A book Im really enjoying

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Hi everyone,

Besides my bible study Im also enjoying my studies at college in psychology. Its such a good subject and I cant wait until I can find part time work as a counsellor. I have found too that the psychology and counselling has helped my ministry in the past as I am able to show real concern and attention to the householders which I have noticed they really appreciate. It has also been good when asking the right questions to draw their feelings out.

I guess though, this has brought me to reading other books about the power and importance of the human brain which I find fascinating. Probably one of my most favourite which Im currently reading and addicted to is George Orwell's 1984. Has anyone read it? What are your thoughts on it if you have. I find it ever so interesting particularly how people are manipulated and controlled by the greater powers in this world. I guess it was predicted too in the scriptures that this would happen. Scary in some ways.

I know this isn't really a spiritual question which is why Iv posted it on the Entertainment forum. Just interested to hear your thoughts.


Tim :)

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!984 is one of those classic scoring books. I've read it twice and watched both movie versions. I also read Orwell's Animal Farm, another classic commentary of the Soviet Union.

Good to see someone your age enjoying such classic and meaty books. I assume you were born after (or too young to remember) the fall of the "Evil Empire," does the commentary take on a different flavor for you than it does a Cold War kid?

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Hmm, looks like I need to read this 1984 at some point, then. I've heard of it being referred to but never gotten really around to read it. My negative view of it probably comes down to how fanatical religion haters in the society seem to have made their minds up that this book, and repressing and manipulation it describes, can be likened to what religion does to man. :deadhorse:

Likewise, I know a few brothers who say that J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy novels are wonderfully written, but with the upbringing I've received, I've somehow always connected his [and other similar] production with magic and spells and sorcery. Yet, the movies may be something completely else than a beautifully written novel.

For a good few years now I haven't had the attention span to just lie on my bed and read a novel. Might be good for my psyche, though. In general I've been reading mostly football-related (okay, soccer-related) travel books and browsing coffee table books on sports, maps or public transportation networks. I also have a limited selection of psychology-related books in my book shelf; mainly ones that have to do with neuropsychiatric diagnoses.

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Well, Marx said religion is the opium of the masses. Jehovah's people are probably the only religious people who can fully appreciate that remark, LOL.

Oh, I really enjoyed both 1984 and Animal Farm; but I like good dystopian stories. Like I said, I'm a cold war kid. I wanted to build a bomb shelter in the back yard.

I think Orwell's political commentaries are just as valid today as in 1948. Maybe moreso, with all the security cameras and nanny-state mentality we see. Of course, I also liked Atlas Shrugged, so, go figure.

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Shawn: Im really looking forward to watching the film. I love John Hurt, I think he is a great actor. Dad suggested I read Animal Farm next. He really enjoyed it when he read it as a child. He said it was written about the USSR and I do actually remember watching the film in school but never reading the book. Shall give that a read later on. Yes I do love meaty books. I must say though that I still dont think you can do any better than the Gospels. Not only are they good for daily Christian life but I believe they are works of art. I am too young to remember that book. All I know about the cold war is what I learnt in school, ie. not a lot. :) I do love dystopian stories too. I think they are very valid too. Some of the films about dystopias are good too.

Lonewanderer: I see what you mean. When I read it I can certainly see how some people could apply what Orwell wrote about to religions. I dont know though! I just think its a really good read and I love the stories based upon dystopias. Kind of makes me think about how it will contrast with what Jehovah and Jesus have instore for us. I love Tolkein too but thats fantasy and it interests me less. I understand that it may bother some brothers consciences if I said i liked the films so all I will say is the music is fabulous! A brother and sister from my cong went to see the music live in concert and we met the guy who wrote the music! I was so excited! :) Hehe... football books. Im not too keen. If its not the bible, Orwell or psychology books then I dont read. Hehe. Neuropsychiatric diagnosis sounds interesting. What does it involve?

Tim :)

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We read Animal Farm in High School as an assignment in Social Studies. Same for 1984. The first time I read it was on my own and the second was as a school book report.

There is also an animated version of Animal Farm you may enjoy after reading the book. It will also benefit you to get some kind of study guide to read along with Animal Farm as the symbolism and metaphors will be lost on anyone who didn't live through the 40s and 50s.

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