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support for Jw's on Blood

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125067=6936-news1 (520 x 800).jpg The source from this came from the Advertiser a paper in South Australia About a month previously we had very bad press front full page about a Little girl who had cancer. Lies all the way through it. Young upstart doctor who just wanted to make a name for herself. Loved this article it was one of the best I have read. http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/support-for-jehovahs-witnesses-on-blood/story-e6frea83-1226432211687 EDIT: I think I found the original article.

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I agree with you Sis. This is a very good article.

Amazing how when Jehovah gave the advice way back in the old days how even today he new what it .means to have good health.

It's ironic to think. But a good mechanic. When he. changes the oil in his brakes wouldn't' mix or pour the wrong the oil like transmission oil. The consequences would be disastrous for the car.

Yet you still see ads to donate blood to save lives. People have been willing to mess with their health by taking in. Blood:?

"It's a known fact that eighty decibels of rushing water is one of the most pleasing sounds known to mankind. On other hand, ten and a half days at sea is enough water for anybody." 


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was it sideways??? Thats fantastic I didn't think it downloaded at all. It took about three hours to get it in Upsidedown and you might have never read it:upsidedown: :upsidedown::upsidedown::raspberry:

It was sideways and had an extra blank page attached to it. No biggie, I cropped it and turned it around. I also added a link that seemed to be to the same article. Why would it have taken three hours to upload? Are you on a dial-up connection?

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Thanks for posting that, clez. I was being tongue-in-cheek when I posted (I don't think there's a smiley for that, though!). It is good when our stand is appreciated, even if for the wrong reasons. They recognize that non-blood management has health benefits, but don't appreciate our spiritual stand.

Good to see.

Thanks too, Musky, for the orientation and link.

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That is so right Roberta my mother's blood count went down to 2.5 through a miscarriage the doctors said told her she wouldn't survive the night they gave her iron injections instead of blood.

Today she is 85 drives, goes preaching three times a week looks after a large garden and house by herself.Bakes and cooks for others.

There was an interesting documentary on hemoglobin I can't remember all of the facts but the gist of it was there was a team of doctors studying peoples reactions to the effects of oxygen deprivation they did this by studying about 200 people on Mt Everest base camp.Some people could take the low oxygen while others couldn't.

Some of the doctors went to the summit of Mt. Everest where they managed to take a blood sample it registered 1.5 :ohmy: yep 1.5

They were shocked to see anyone could be still walking around with a hemoglobin that low. While at base camp some people were facing adverse effects if their hemoglobin was 8.

Goes to show doctors aren't the Gods they sometimes think they are.

In Adelaide we have a lot of bad press about the blood issue. so this was good for a change.

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